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As the unintended effects of continued lockdowns ravaged the Cook County Area, Best Home Healthcare Network stepped up to guarantee that everyone in need would receive home healthcare services that hospitals desperately need. Now they have received recognition for their amazing efforts before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Chicago, Illinois – Dec 17th, 2020, Best Home Healthcare Network has announced today that they have received several coveted awards from the Best In Biz Awards. Best Home Healthcare Network provides short-term in-home patient rehabilitation supervised by a certified physician, among other available services. Their ability to proactively forecast the need for large amounts of PPE equipment has garnered them global recognition.

Best Home Healthcare Network, a new leader in home healthcare services, is quickly rising to the top of the ranks as a trusted home healthcare provider due to their readiness and continuous proactive planning prior to and amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. They snagged five prestigious awards in the 10th Annual “Best In Biz Awards”, taking home the Silver & Bronze awards for:

  • Company of the Year – Silver Award – Midwest U.S.
  • Best New Crisis Management Program of the Year – Silver Award
  • Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year – Bronze Award
  • Crisis Management Executive of the Year – Bronze Award
  • Crisis Response of the Year – Bronze Award

The highly sought-after awards from the “Best in Biz Awards” is the only independent business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications. Since the program’s inception in 2011, winners in Best in Biz Awards have been determined based on scoring from independent judging panels assembled each year from some of the most respected newspapers, TV and radio outlets, and business, consumer, technology, and trade publications in North America. The 2020 judging panel included, among others, writers from Barron’s, Consumer Affairs, USA Today and Wired.

During a recent interview, the President of Best Home Healthcare Network was quoted as saying, “In the first wave Best Home Healthcare Network was well prepared and in high demand due to our preparedness as early as February 2020. We had a surplus of disposable PPE wearables (isolation gowns, DuPont Tyvek Biohazard Coveralls, N95, surgical masks, booties, etc,) and left medical devices at the patients’ home (pulse ox, blood pressure cuffs, etc,) to prevent the spread of the virus.”

He went on to say, “In the second half of the pandemic, Best Home Healthcare Network expanded testing to staff, staff family members, patients, and patient’s family members. In addition, we hired more visiting clinicians to fulfill the rising demand from hospitals and health plans for our world class clinicians. What this means is that hospitals and health plans will have high quality care with predictable outcomes.”

To learn more about Best Home Healthcare Network, visit their official website at: https://www.bhhcare.com or simply click here.

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