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 The CodeX Academy’s new deferred-payment program gives students the opportunity to attend CodeX and pay ZERO until they land their first Job. 

Nashville, Tenn., December 21, 2020, CodeX Academy combines career-based technical skills training with internship opportunities at innovative industry-leading companies. Their free curriculum along with their one-on-one daily mentor support, industry professional evaluations performed by full stack engineering professionals, their internships and career services program will help you achieve your goals.

CodeX is excited to announce that they are rolling out their new Deferred Payments Program packaged with Career Services. This new deferred-payment program gives students the opportunity to attend CodeX and pay ZERO until they land their first JOB. Guaranteed internships to help jumpstart the experience section on student’s resume and helps find jobs faster. Frontend developers graduate in just 3 months.

The Career Services includes:

  • Interview Preparation: Advisors guide students on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing processes and conduct mock interviews.
  • Soft Skills Advising: Helps students develop a positive mindset and interpersonal communication to help with their job search and career satisfaction.
  • Resume Advising: Advisors offer guidance on the current state of resume, provide feedback, content, and formatting, and help draft a resume.
  • Networking: Advisors help students learn when, how, and where to network and find new opportunities.
  • Job Search Bootcamp: A self-paced online platform that guides students on the aspects and traits necessary for a successful career search.
  • Placement: Career Services works with a network of employers to help assist with placement of upon graduation by industry and location.

*The career services program is a requirement of the deferred-payment program.

Create A New Future With Any of These CodeX Programs: 

  • Front-End Developer: As a Front-End Developer, the student is the master of the user interface. Everything the user clicks, feels, sees and experiences is a result of their work in the front-end. Using technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, they build the interfaces that move this culture.
  • Full-Stack Developer: Being a Full-Stack Developer means students can be trusted with every development angle of a software application. They are able to develop and maintain features in all layers including the user interface, the browser logic, back-end API’s, business domain and database. They become such a versatile developer that very seldom is it necessary to call in a specialist. They are plan A and plan B.
  • Full-Stack Engineer: Projects live and die because of leadership. As a Full-Stack Engineer, students are trained in the arts of “Agile Software Development” and can help lead the entire development team to victory through sound project management, Agile and Lean practices, and principled software development techniques.

A “Full-Stack Developer” is someone who can build world-changing apps and websites from top to bottom, from what one can see to all the unseen inner-workings. CodeX Academy currently offers learning pathways for popular web-based technologies including: ReactJS, NodeJS and both PostgreSQL and Mongo databases. Along the way, students will also be exposed to practices and principles that will make them a more effective player on an Agile development team.

Use Promo Code: FULLSTACK and CodeX will Waive The $50 Application Fee.

For complete information, please visit:  https://www.codex.academy

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