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Many books of this nature tend to give anecdotal stories on ones’ success and how to replicate their version of success, but this book, “CEO”, is different. In this riveting book, the author explains the science behind each step, to educate the reader on why they should do what is recommended in the book, and not just telling them what to do. 

San Antonio, TX – Dec 22, 2020, Bestselling author Jeremy McGilvrey has announced the release of a highly anticipated self-help book that merges science and success to guide others to their own success. His new book “CEO: 7 Secrets To Unleash Your Inner Boss And Start Building Your Million Dollar Future Today” gives a better understanding into the science of achieving success and how to reshape the subconscious while removing bad habits. The best part is that the book is free for a limited time.

Jeremy McGilvrey is a Harvard-educated No. 1 bestselling author and has been featured in virtually every major publication. Jeremy helps business owners take their companies from brick-and-mortar to click-and-order by leveraging the massive power of the Internet. Jeremy has openly said that this new book is no like other self-help books that simply present what seems to be unattainable goals. His main objective in writing this self-help book was to reveal the science-based approach to tapping into the readers subconscious.

He was quoted as saying, “Conscious insight-based training teaches you what to do to be more effective in your life. But it does not give you the necessary mind management tools to accomplish your goals. The missing piece is the ability to align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals in order to create effective, sustainable change.” He went on to say, “Without a doubt, our habits and the impact they have on our lives is what dictates the quality of life we live. If we are enslaved with bad habits, our lives are not too pleasant. Conversely, if we are enslaved with good habits, our lives are pleasurable. But make no mistake about it, we are all slaves to our habits – the good ones as well as the bad ones.”

Jeremy’s personal story is fascinating, having gone from living in poverty to a multi-millionaire by age 27. Then once sentenced to two separate 20 year prison terms, his story is not without MAJOR pitfalls, but it is this that shows that anyone, regardless of situation, can make it to the top and achieve ultimate success.

To learn more about Jeremy’s services, visit his official website at https://www.jeremymcgilvrey.com

Get a free copy “CEO” or read more about the book here: https://www.ceobook.com

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