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Moving across country can be a daunting project in itself, especially for a family with more than one car. BBB accredited Ship Car Services, unlike other shipping services, want to bring transparency & ease to the industry by developing an “Instant Quote” feature for anyone looking to ship a vehicle within the United States. 

Chicago, IL – Dec 27th, 2020, Ship Car Services shook up the auto transport industry this week with the announcement of a new “Instant Quote” feature on their website that will allow anyone to get a quick, instant quote to ship their vehicle anywhere within the United States. In an industry that is ripe with exorbitant fees and unscrupulous vendors, this move is sure to win over consumers, by giving quick quotes and working on a fixed fee basis. With this new service, it seems waiting on those estimates from car transport companies may be a thing of the past.

Ship Car Services, a Better Business Bureau accredited auto transport company, is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Unlike other auto transport companies that are less reliable, Ship Car Services uses a central dispatch to ensure that only the best, vetted drivers safely transport the vehicle(s) to its final location. It is of paramount importance to use a car shipping company that works with central dispatch because it acts as a safeguard against the unscrupulous shippers. Central dispatch is where the reputable truck drivers and carrier companies go in order to find vehicles that will work with their truckload and routes.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Ship Car Services was quoted as saying, “We provide you with a reputable driver that will fit your specific set of circumstances. Most brokers are simply looking to obtain an upfront deposit before they have an actual driver scheduled for pickup. At Ship Car Services, you will pay nothing upfront. Deposit will be charged after the truck driver arrives at the pick-up location.”

He went on to say, “Many car shipping companies give estimates that are so low, even the consumer knows somethings not right. In those cases, we recommend running away as fast as possible, because there are good chances that the driver will either be inexperienced, unlicensed, or both. Not here at Ship Car Services, we vet each driver, so you don’t have to!”

To learn more about Ship Car Services or to get an instant quote to transport a vehicle, visit their official website at https://shipcarservices.com/ or simply click here.

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