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Wellware has designed the first customizable & collapsible food storage container system that is eco-friendly. Wellware features three perfectly portioned containers that uniquely attach and detach through a patent pending modular system. Each container is easily collapsible for convenient storage in any bag, kitchen cabinet or drawer. 

Wall Township, New Jersey, January 4, 2021, Good nutrition supports the immune system so that people are better able to prevent, fight and recover from illnesses and infections. Now all that is needed are the right tools to empower the healthy lifestyles everybody seeks.

Traditional food storage containers frustratingly: Limit the ability to accommodate the variety of food that is needed to balance nutrition, depreciate or break over time from unreliable and unsustainable materials, and inconveniently fit into carrying bags and stow away in kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Wellware has designed a reusable food storage system that can be tailored to an individual’s needs and have a sustained impact on their ability to make good individual dietary decisions, while helping save the planet.

Wellware’s patent pending modular design, for the first time, provides consumers with the ability to mix and match containers of different portion sizes, empowering them to customize the container needed to balance nutrition about their individual needs.

Wellware has engrained into its mission, “Container For A Cause”. Container For A Cause pairs each color container with a charitable organization and donates 1% of the purchase price to its associated charity. This allows Wellware to further fulfill its purpose – “to champion well-being for people & planet.”

Wellware’s Features & Benefits:

  • Detachable/Interchangeable: Personalization, More variety (nutrition), Easily heat and cool certain portions of food.
  • Expandable/Collapsible: Easy to fill and measure – Wellware includes fill lines within each container to support conscious users in their meal preparation. More convenient carrying size and storage size.
  • Reusable/Sustainable: Made from Platinum Cured Silicone and sustainable non-toxic materials. 100% BPA Free, No ortho-phthalates, No Halogens. Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe.
  • Leakproof: Wellware invents WellSEAL™, an innovative new lid design that keeps each container’s contents safe and secure so you don’t sacrifice those special items in your bag or backpack.

During a recent interview, Stephen Longo, Founder of Wellware, made these comments, “Every idea begins with a spark. The spark invigorates us and makes us feel like we can start a fire. Once the fire catches, we know that as long as we feed that fire, we can stay warm. My awesome responsibility is to keep our fire lit, so that one day Wellware becomes a beacon for well-being and warms the world with its continued contributions.”

The Wellware container collection can be purchased as kits and individual containers.

For complete information, visit: https://mywellware.com/

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