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“A Fraction of Momentary Love” takes the reader on a poignant journey of  love’s allure, anguish, anticipation, and everything in between.

Victoria, Australia, January 6, 2021, Every year, there is a plethora of poetry books that make their way to the marketplace. Only a handful have the power to leave a lasting impact on the reader – to touch them deeply. Such is a new poetry book by Wish Ronquillo Peacocke entitled “A Fraction of Momentary Love”.

Through vivid poetic storytelling inspired by pop culture romance and infused with nature, Wish Ronquillo Peacocke awakens one’s soul to a broad spectrum of relatable emotions and experiences revolving around romantic love. Amid the choreographed whirlwind gravity emerges in human emotion― a tug here, a riptide there― binding us together in its current.

During a recent interview, Wish made these comments, “The poems in this collection are the works that I have written throughout the years. They came from pop culture characters and real-world people’s stories. For some reason, people tell me their secrets, most especially the controversial ones.

She goes on to say, “I think it’s because I never judge anyone; I fully embrace their stories and reflect on their complex experiences. Nothing much seemed to surprise me with these “secrets” and instead, I derive my inspirations to write poems as if putting myself in somebody else’s shoes. Most of my words come from nature – fire, heat, smoke and ember while contrasting with air and water to depict those fractions of love in different phases of time.”

“A Fraction of Momentary Love” has six chapters delving through depths of raw phases of love in all forms. They explore the extreme cycles of emotions in love and romance – from chaos to clarity, as one goes through them in many different episodes, in one’s timing and values. These experiences are a part of how a person’s wholeness develops deep within.

Readers will discover that it gains momentum page by page, and that this debut collection of compelling poetry inspires deep-rooted introspection and instigates lasting emotional transformation as a result.

About the Author:

Wish Ronquillo Peacocke, BFA, is an emerging author, poetess, and innovationist with a vision to empower her readers to pave their way to greatness through the art of poetic storytelling. Amongst considerable chaos and soul-searching throughout her 20s, poetry has served as her beacon of hope and healing. When she isn’t penning her heartfelt musings, you can find this brave soul travelling across the globe, gardening, cooking, constantly changing hairstyles, or dancing like nobody is watching.

To find out more about “A Fraction of Momentary Love” slated for release on the 13th January 2021, visit her official website at www.wishblizz.com, Pre-Order is available.

Media Contact:

Wish Ronquillo Peacocke
Attn: Media Relations
Victoria, Australia