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Globzen is taking a symbolic stand by reshuffling the social media landscape – something they like to think of as the overdue ethical evolution of social media. 

Bethesda, Md., January 9, 2021 – Globzen, a social media platform that aims to outdo hate speech, fake news, and discrimination in social interactions has announced that the Globzen application is scheduled to be launched in April 2021 with the vision of being a more ethical social media platform financially. Globzen carries out a message on ethical consumption, equity, radical data transparency, and a new ownership structure.

“At Globzen, our vision is to play a critical role in the ethical evolution of social media,” said Tuna Beklevic, Chairperson of Globzen Inc. “How we handle personal data, algorithmic processes, and provide concise and easily understood terms of usage will enable us to create a better social media environment for all. We strive to be the go-to platform for all who wish to change the way we understand and consume social media.”

The application will bring green communities together to establish a communication setting where everyone is treated fairly. Globzen is free to use for all who partake in the “nature, animal, and human” ideal. As Globzen becomes available in major application stores, it plans to offer stock shares to the public and its users. Globzen’s ownership model will ensure availability to underprivileged people and those residing in developing countries as part of its economic activities.

Globzen cares about the security and privacy of its users and shareholders. It promises radical transparency in handling personal data. Cutting edge technology will both power the platform and secure its users and shareholders from undue third-party influence.

This is the beginnings of the Ethical Evolution of Social Media. “We will promise radical transparency in handling personal data and algorithmic processes in our network. We commit to providing clear and legible terms of usage at the outset and whenever there are changes.”

Globzen is also the first social network that members actually own:

First and foremost, Globzen will always be 100% free to use, their valued Global Citizens pay no membership fee and enjoy a free platform that is green, keen and joyfully universal.

Globzen will always be owned by each and every person who wants to enact positive change in its many magical forms. They will remain independent and inspirational, protecting their platform and users from third party endorsements or incentives.

To join the waitlist or become involved, visit: https://globzen.com

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