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As the pandemic continues to change consumer habits, many are now turning to remote design services as a way to stay safe while updating their home with expert guidance. Although Ross Cooper launched his remote design services long before the pandemic, it has now picked up steam and taken on a life of its own as his TikTok account surpasses 2 million views and 50k followers in 3 weeks. 

New York, NY – Jan 8th, 2021, Ross Cooper LLC Interior Design has made headlines as he announces an addition to his extremely popular remote design services, now offering a 30-minute consultation where homeowners can ask pointed questions and receive thoughtful solutions. Ross Cooper LLC Interior Design is one of New York City’s most intuitive and innovative interior design studios. Its mission is to help people everywhere enrich their lives by designing spaces that reflect who they are and how they live.

Established in 2015 by Ross Cooper, the studio specializes in residential interior design. Born in Philadelphia, Ross made his way to New York City, where he graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a joint degree in business and design. After beginning his career in the fashion world, where he built upon his aptitude for design and mastered the nuances of color, texture, and composition, he turned his attention to interior design. He joined several leading firms in Manhattan to hone his skills before opening his eponymous design studio. This shift in focus was based on a desire to make a difference in the lives of his clients by creating environments that align with their needs, goals, and lifestyles. By applying his natural talents and the skill set learned during his years immersed in fashion and interior design, Ross creates interiors that are at once thoughtful, intuitive, and dynamic.

In 2016, prior the pandemic, Ross Cooper embarked on an ambitious journey of being able to provide his residential design services to anyone and everyone around the country, and that is how his remote design service was born. Harnessing his design skills and strategic business education, Ross created a streamlined, innovative process for working with clients from afar that soon became a signature of his offering. Ahead of his time, this new remote design service caught on like wildfire as the pandemic made most people turn to the internet as a new way to get things done under lockdown. Ross Cooper’s TikTok account, which centers on interior design content and is under 1 month old, went viral and upon writing this has over 2.6 million views and 50,000 followers.

Ross Cooper was recently quoted as saying, “It was a complete surprise when our TikTok content went viral. I began getting many messages from people with individualized questions about their homes, so we decided to launch a new, 30-minute consultation service that differs from our traditional design services. I am mindful that not all members of my audience are in need of full-scale home design. The new design consultation format enables me to provide quick solutions at a discounted rate to clients who have particular concerns to address, and who may not require the longer-term services and design support of a traditional interior designer-clients relationship. Clients who take advantage of the consultation service are welcome to return for further design services at any time.”

To learn more about Ross Cooper LLC Interior Design or to book a consultation session, visit their official website at https://www.rosscooperllc.com/ or see their viral interior design content at www.tiktok.com/@rosscooperllc.

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