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The widely publicized two-year long FunFlicks litigation has finally been settled after the court denied Ultimate Outdoor Movies’ claims as “frivolous”. FunFlicks was also thrust into the spotlight when they decided to give free movies during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Los Angeles, California, – Jan 11th 2021, FunFlicks Outdoor Movies who recently prevailed in the Funflicks Litigation, is the largest outdoor movie company in the nation and has over 30 licensees representing the FunFlicks brand in every major market and most states in the nation. FunFlicks has been the leader in outdoor movies since 2007 and are now becoming a leader in the mobile LED operations in most states. During the Covid-19 pandemic they took mobile drive-in theatres mainstream and teamed up with non-profits to keep the community spirits high.

The mega company FunFlicks, spent two years defending itself against the “Funflicks litigation”. They have now prevailed. The President of FunFlicks, Charles Hunter, was recently quoted as saying, “We are just glad it is over and we are thankful to have it settled. Now we can get back to focusing on providing family fun and Covid-19 relief in these difficult times.”

He went on to say, “FunFlicks provides a local touch and we strive to stay connected to the local customer. During the pandemic, we have taken the unprecedented step of providing free movies across the country, teaming up with non-profits for Covid-19 relief, and immediately pivoted to providing mobile drive-ins to keep the movies going for families. We have a great team, awesome business affiliates and are more driven to provide the best outdoor movie experiences across the nation and race towards the front of the mobile LED and led market.”

“We are so proud of our FunFlicks network and their commitment to their businesses, representing FunFlicks across the nation”, Vice President, Matthew Dias exclaimed. “We have pivoted from the old to the new, providing our customers not only with more competitive pricing but a higher end video and audio experience. FunFlicks is the largest provider, and the best, always striving for the ultimate customer experience. We love what we do and our philosophy will always be providing the best customer care from start to finish.”

To learn more about the FunFlicks brand or how they have contributed to the Covid-19 relief efforts, visit their official website at: https://www.funflicks.com/.

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