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A breakout independent musician is set to go mainstream as his newly released song sets social media ablaze as his Instagram followers and Spotify streams see unprecedented growth. Follow Caleb’s journey as an independent artist & watch him defy the odds against him. 

Los Angeles, CA – Jan 13th, 2021, Independent recording artist Caleb Antestenis has made international headlines this week as he announces the release of his highly anticipated song titled “Leave me in the dark.” Caleb, a native of Los Angeles, has received widespread grass roots support thanks to his authenticity, unique personality, and sense of style. At the time of writing this, his Instagram account has reached over 450,000 followers.

Cxleb gained major popularity on social media from videos showcasing his charismatic personality and his eclectic sense of fashion and style. A pop culture aficionado, Cxleb was a tastemaker of sorts – turning his followers onto new music, fashion, and celebrities. As his following grew, he became somewhat of an “underground music” sensation and the buzz he has created is now reaching the mainstream. In an industry that for years has been dominated by “big wigs and giant corporations”, Caleb’s early success is a breath of fresh air and a true testament that anything can be achieved when one puts their mind to it.

During a recent interview, Cxleb’s manager was quoted as saying, “Cxleb’s music is inspired by the likes of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, XXXtentacion, Clever & Suriel Hess to name a few. When discussing Cxleb’s personal sound, you could say his music is melodic, moody, and inspiring.” He went on to say, “Cxleb is currently hard at work on his debut project ‘Teenage Wasteland’, a collection of relatable anecdotes that will take his listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride and leave them wanting more.”

Cxleb was recently quoted as saying, “It is so gratifying to be able to put out music that people really enjoy. I can upload it to social media and people will hear it immediately. This is a stark contrast to how the industry operated in the past, as they controlled what music was released, by who, and when. With the advent of social media, that has all changed.” He went on to say, “I hope to be an example and a little bit of hope for others that are trying to make it in the music industry. I am so grateful for everyone’s support and my journey is just beginning!”

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