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 The only couch cup-holder of its kind, providing a place for everyone’s drinks within easy reach. SofaStud also collects condensation, leaving the couch protected and dry. 

Carlsbad, California, January 13, 2021, Once in a while, a new product is introduced that really serves a purpose. Such is the case with a unique product called “SofaStud”. Most people have had the experience of trying to enjoy a TV program with a drink of some kind, only to have a “Spill” occur on their couch. What a bummer! Now they have to contend with a cleanup and maybe a permanent stain.

“SofaStud” is billed as the solution to the where to put a drink while sitting on the sofa problem and customers are raving about it already. It is great when a new product is not only practical but inexpensive at the same time.

“SofaStud” Features & Benefits:

  • Fits securely between cushions
  • Protects upholstery from spills
  • Holds cans and bottles exactly where needed
  • Non-toxic, durable polymer design
  • Add multiples between each cushion 

How It Works: Just wedge the paddle between the couch or sofa cushions until the base of the cup holder rests firmly on the surface. Place a favorite drink inside, kick back and relax.

What Fits The SofaStud: The Original Sofa Stud is designed for any typical 12 oz (355ml) cans and bottles, but many more beverages may fit inside. The opening is 3 inches (76mm), so experiment and see what fits.

Care & Cleaning: SofaStud cleans up in seconds with warm water and a dash of dish soap. Simply wipe it off with a sponge or a damp rag and dry it off or place the Sofa Stud in the dishwasher.

Guaranteed: Most customers love their Sofa Stud so much, they come back and buy a few more. But if you find sofa life is not any better than before, just reach out and SofaStud will take care of it. All products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what a Verified Customer had to say, “Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas as he always tries to set drinks in the arm of the couch, frequently knocking them over. I have never seen him get so excited about a present! He immediately opened it and stuck it in the couch.”

For complete information, visit: https://sofastud.com/

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