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A celebration of life book for children and adults. For anyone that has lost someone they love. Will help to heal the heartaches by celebrating their life with comforting words and remarkable art by Sudipita Dasgupta. “I Will Dance Across the Morning Sky” takes readers on a beautiful dream journey to the other side of life, after death. 

Huntsville, Alabama, January 25, 2021: There comes a time in everyone’s life that a close friend or relative passes on to the other side. This begins a time of dealing with one’s grief, inescapable grief. Some people can handle this grief, while others fall into deep despair. Children and adults are in need of comforting as well as oftentimes explanatory words to help ease their pain and put things in a better perspective.

Marcia McGee Ashford has released a new book that will help ease the pain and grief of all those that have lost a loved one. “I Will Dance Across the Morning Sky” is unique in that it not only sends a message, but it also has the ability to affect a person deep inside. It accomplishes this through the use of short meaningful phrases over page after page of incredible, thought provoking full color illustrations by Sudipita Dasgupta.

Clearly, this book has the power to inspire and raise the spirit of all who read it. Great imagery for children as well as adults. Let’s the imagination soar. A celebration of life for those who lost their lives fighting bravely against the odds. It encourages one to help those people who are grieving, finding solace in it. It is about finally letting it go, not to forget them, but to live with their cherished memories.

This keepsake book makes an excellent gift.  Flowers die, but this is a memorial gift that will be long lasting and passed on to others.

Reader Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what this Verified Kindle Customer had to say, “I purchased the hardback book, as well as downloading it on my Kindle, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one or fur baby. It will touch your heart in so many ways and is written and illustrated with so much love and caring from both the author and illustrator. I have several of this author’s books, and she never disappoints!” 

About The Author:

Marcia Ashford, is an Alabama gal. She is a Mom, teacher, musician, writer, and cancer survivor. She is founder of Heartstring Productions LLC, which supports writers, musicians, and artists with a heart for the arts. Her main goal in life is to try to make a difference.

For complete information about this book and others by the same author, visit: https://www.heartstringproductions.com

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