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IPHI has been a leading force in the global fight against child sleep disorders since 2009. They have formally announced a new child sleep certification program for Japanese sleep professionals, based in their native Japanese language, to help children & families in Japan with sleep disorders.

Ojai, CA – January 28th 2021, The International Parenting & Health Institute™ and Sleeping Smart Consulting are in a strategic partnership to provide Japan with an international accredited certification program for maternity and child sleep consulting. The International Parenting & Health Institute™ (IPHI), led by Mar De Carlo, is the first organization to pioneer a holistic no-sleep training team-based approach since 2011 that addresses pregnancy sleep, newborn sleep, child sleep and adult sleep. Sitting on their board of advisors are Japanese pediatricians: Dr. Sayoko Shirai, Dr. Tomomi Urabe, Dr. Minori Ohta (who specializes in newborns).

Since 2009, the International Parenting & Health Institute™ (IPHI) has been at the forefront of sleep education, offering cutting-edge, evidence-based training and preparation inclusive of all beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, and philosophies to provide global support for parenting and health professionals at all business stages.

In a recent interview, Mar De Carlo was quoted as saying, “Planning, preparation, and education are essential to supporting a family’s sleep needs and goals. A sleep consultant can play a viable and empowering role when working with families before the baby is born. We do not use sleep training. We use what I call, Sleep Optimizing, customized strategies. The term sleep training leaves so much room for assumptions and misinterpretations. It is quite often misused and while it can mean so many things, it continues to be a term that describes a one-size-fits-all approaches that usually does not take into consideration many health and lifestyle factors affecting the child and family’s sleep.”

The spokesperson for IPHI was quoted as saying, “After giving birth, sleep can be a great challenge for the entire household: not just a child issue but a family issue. When a child is experiencing sleep challenges, the whole family is affected. Often, these families have been sleep-deprived for weeks and sometimes months, which can have negative and traumatic effects even after experiencing a healthy and powerful birth.”

He went on to say, “When an infant is experiencing sleep problems, families seek many resources for support from their doctors, friends, forums, books and child sleep consultants. Routinely such consultants are hired a few months after the baby is born, and typically they resort to behavioral methods known as sleep training. Sleep training methods, more often than not, do not leave room for customization and make assumptions about child sleep challenges. They customarily do not consider a thorough investigative process assessing a whole family’s lifestyle, health and history and often do not acknowledge one of the most important tools for parenting: intuition.”

The Japanese IPHI Maternity & Child Sleep Certification program which is rooted in the philosophy of the “Holistic Science of Sleep Method” was created by IPHI founder and author of “Awakening Through Sleep”, Mar De Carlo. With 25 years of experience and training in the health, fitness and coaching, Mar is the first to pioneer a holistic integrative professional training program via IPHI for pregnancy, newborn, child, and adult sleep that covers valuable topics parents and families will not find in average sleep studies.

The instructor leading the global training in Japan for the IPHI Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant Certification program is IPHI graduate and owner of Sleeping Smart Consulting, Aya Aiba. She is IPHI’s first Japanese Maternity & Child Sleep graduate. Aya Aiba is representative and instructor for the IPHI (International Parenting & Health Institute)’s Maternity & Child Sleep Coach Japanese Program. She is also Asia/India director and Japan coordinator of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

The IPHI Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program is currently available in Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, French, and Korean. They have over 3,000 graduates and 20 instructors and are currently represented in 46 countries and in 10 different languages.

For more information or to learn more about the IPHI Japanese Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program, visit their official website at: https://parentinghealthinstitute.com/maternity-sleep-japanese/

To learn more about IPHI and its other programs, visit: https://parentinghealthinstitute.com/

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