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Phoenix Rebellion therapy has set themselves apart in providing therapy for the most challenging populations and mental health cases. They are well known for working with the most complex problems. Specialists at serving police, first responders, military, other trauma cases including depression anxiety and all of the effects that it has on family members and marriages.

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 27, 2021, At Phoenix Rebellion Therapy, clients benefit from working with a therapist who has experience treating anything from extreme to minor issues. This means that one’s therapist has expertise treating everything from trauma, torture, rape, anxiety, addiction, and depression.

Director and trauma therapist Melanie Squire, who originally founded the organization with her family, has worked her way into: Fire houses: including Logan Fire Department, Police Departments: including Salt Lake City PD and Unified Police, Hospitals: including IMC (Intermountain Medical Center).

Phoenix Rebellion Therapy provides training, psychoeducation, critical incident debriefings across the state, and therapy with a team of highly dedicated staff. Their team has the proven ability to push past barriers of socially constructed ideas of what it means to get mental health therapy. They only employ techniques and modalities with proven track records.

All over America, there has been an unprecedented increase in violence directed at police officers.  Police Departments in Utah have had to deal with riots and stigmatization. Phoenix Rebellion has been educating them on First Responder Exhaustion Syndrome and how it can prevent connection within their community and family relationships. They are on the forefront of helping police officers who are manifesting symptoms of PTSD from events going on in the community.

PRT has also been working hard with individuals effected by the Corona Virus who lost out on graduations, and team sports. Also, with parents who are taxed trying to meet the demands of home schooling, working at home and the fear that has spread across the nation. This fear has evoked a fight or flight response in many Americans that causes constant anxiety and has showed up in homes across the nation in forms of domestic violence, depression, and suicide.

This fear has had a tremendous effect on individuals from teenagers to elderly who have isolated within their homes for safety. PRT has offered free grief and loss classes with a specialist to help adjust to the new life as known today.

The results of their work have been that police officers are now sleeping for the first time without nightmares in 30 years. Teenagers, despite the pandemic now have hope. Victims of trauma now feel relief. Many they have counseled now enjoys the feeling of hope and relief that life can and does get better.

This is a facility with a proven track record of success and individuals now fly in from other states to receive treatment. “One case, one person, one department at a time……we will make a difference.” Melanie Squire

Their therapists are trained and experienced in providing successful treatment solutions. Start the path to recovery today. In-Person and TeleHealth Available.

For complete information, visit: https://www.phoenixrebelliontherapy.com

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