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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause the closures of businesses and in some cases schools, many are left with the possibility of not having a prom or graduation ceremony. FunFlicks is offering a great, COVID-19 friendly alternative so the great minds of our future can still enjoy a prom or even a high school graduation. 

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 3rd, 2021, FunFlicks Outdoor Movies, a leader in providing pop-up drive-in movie theatre rentals, has made headlines for their innovative approach to returning to normalcy. While many students balk at the idea of not having a prom, formal or even a high school graduation ceremony, this alternative is a welcoming and positive step in the right direction. Regardless of a pandemic, it is vitally important to preserve certain traditions such as high school graduations, therefore it is great for a company like FunFlicks to come forward with a new, safe, COVID-19 friendly approach to continuing these traditions.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for FunFlicks was quoted as saying, “For years we have provided pop-up drive-in movie theatre rentals for all kinds of events and had great success. In the beginning of COVID-19, we began a robust campaign to give back and help support the community by providing free downloadable movies to cope with lockdown, as well as donating important relief supplies.” He went on to say, “I strongly believe that it is time for us to begin using drive-in movie theatres in a way that can return positivity and some type of normalcy to the community. Starting this push to use drive-in movie theatres to allow milestone events like graduations to continue, seems like our natural next step in helping the community move forward together and begin to heal.”

FunFlicks has been the leader in outdoor pop-up drive-in movie theatres since 2007 and are now becoming a leader in the mobile LED operations in most states. They are a full-service indoor and outdoor movie screen / event provider for individuals and organizations large and small. FunFlicks provides all equipment necessary to pull off a 1950’s style drive-in theatre that is being touted as the “perfect” alternative to going to the traditional movie theatre in the COVID-19 era.

To learn more about the FunFlicks brand, their drive-in movie theatre pop-up packages, or how they have contributed to the Covid-19 relief efforts, visit their official website at: https://www.funflicks.com/.

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