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The “Mural Artist’s Handbook” is a “nuts and bolts” guide on how to paint a mural for anyone wanting to jump in on the current mural art trend. 

San Francisco, California, January 31, 2021, Mural art is exploding. It has leapfrogged over its traditionally circumspect reputation by the “art establishment” into a full-blown renaissance for the medium. The current popularity of mural art is fueled by grassroots political activism and community placemaking, as well as increased demand for eye-catching photos on social media, including “selfie moments” and one-of-a-kind interior design.

Morgan Bricca, a sought-after mural painter, has captured the essence of the mural art phenomena in her new book. “The Mural Artists Handbook” garnered a lot of attention throughout the artist community. Morgan draws on her 20-year career as a mural artist to lay bare the “Wild West” of mural art.

This handbook provides detailed project considerations for a variety of clients, including residential, schools, commercial, and publicly funded mural projects. It also unlocks the mystery of how to find steady, paid work as a mural artist so that artists can spend the best hours of their days, week after week, building mastery in the craft of painting murals.

In “The Mural Artists Handbook”, Readers Will Learn:

  • How To Find Clients
  • How To Develop a Site-Specific Design
  • Selecting The Right Materials
  • Blocking In a Mural
  • Building An Art Business That Is Sustainable and Fun

During a recent press event, Morgan made these comments, “My goal for the book was that it would be beautiful, humorous, and useful. I hope that every artist who finds it will also feel encouraged. I have been incredibly blessed to paint murals as a career. My aim was to provide content that would give artists the confidence to put their creative offering out into the world in a way that is both creatively fulfilling and financially sustainable.”

She went on to say, “The Mural Artist’s Handbook is the book I wish I could have put in the hands of my 27-year-old self, who had no clue how to get started with a mural business, what to charge, how to find paid mural work, or navigate different types of clients and creative collaborations. I include pop-out pages like “5 Things to Do This Week” and “Tips for Successful Private Commissions.” If you know an artist who might benefit from this information, forward this newsletter to them or even better, send them a copy of the book.”

Reader Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what KR, a Verified Purchaser, had to say, “As an artist who has only painted a few murals, I loved that this book was both inspirational and practical. It helped get me jazzed about how murals transform public spaces and send a powerful message – I loved the variety of mural selections. In addition, the book also offered lots of practical guidance (like how to not make a huge mess on the floor when painting an indoor mural!) as well as business advice on negotiating private commissions, the design process for school and community murals, and how to make your small business thrive. Most of all, this is a fun read for anyone considering a creative career path.”

For further information, visit: https://www.morganmurals.com

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