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Members of HypnoCloud gain access to over 100 hypnosis audios sessions, the unique library of hypnotic scripts with transformative affirmations and self-hypnosis courses. Members also have a chance to participate in live monthly group meetings and workshops every first Monday of every month. 

La Jolla, California, February 4, 2021, The COVID-19 Pandemic has left in its wake global populations with extremely high stress levels. It is imperative to learn to use techniques so that one can lessen their levels of anxiety and overall stress. Self-Hypnosis along with its concomitant Positive Affirmations can be used for much more than just lowering stress levels.

Members of “HypnoCloud” receive unlimited access to:

  • Self-hypnosis Audios: Over 100 unique self-hypnosis audios sessions. Mindful Weight Management. Overcome Fears. Build New Habits. Relationships. Sexual Issues. Men’s Health, Female Empowerment. Sports Excellence. Confidence and More.
  • Self-Hypnosis Affirmations & Scripts: Over 100 hypnotic scripts and affirmations. Choose daily affirmations and learn the self-hypnosis tools to make them reality.
  • Monthly Workshops: Every first Monday of the month join hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner for a free self-hypnosis meditation and a complimentary coaching session. Learn new empowerment techniques and self-hypnosis tools. Members can share their progress and meet other participants.
  • Self-Hypnosis Courses: Learn self-hypnosis. Practice relaxation techniques. Design your own scripts and affirmations for a powerful change and transformation.

Consider this: HypnoCloud’s Self-Hypnosis audios can help the Body Strengthen one’s Immune System During the Coronavirus Crisis. This means that one can lessen their levels of anxiety and overall stress and learn to build better habits. For those at a higher risk, Covid causes complications for people with respiratory, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension problems. Self-hypnosis can be used to stop smoking, reduce weight, eliminate sugar from the diet. This is the way to take charge and become even a healthier person amidst the pandemic, beating the virus.

During a recent interview, Elena made these comments, “I am the creator of all the content on this platform. Over the years, I have created many hypnosis audio sessions and hypnotherapeutic meditation recordings for my clients. I have helped over 1000 clients make healthy changes with hypnosis and coaching. I am known for delivering rapid results and deeply connecting with my clients to help see and resolve issues in a matter of a few sessions.”

She went on to say, “I have created HypnoCloud platform because I wanted to serve you and provide you with tremendous value. On this membership-based platform, I have released all of my self-hypnosis audio sessions I have produced over the years, hypnotic scripts with change producing affirmations. And many other things, like courses, videos and more importantly you will have access to a monthly group meeting with me. We will meditate, talk about what is going in the world and focus our attention on designing new thought patterns to help us be better and healthier.”

About Elena Mosaner: 

Elena is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Professional Coach, NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Certified Hypnotherapist, and book author. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Writing and Film, as well as a Master of Science degree in Executive Coaching and Organizational Behavior. Elena also made a film and writes and directs. Over the last 15 years, She has helped more than a thousand people trance-form into their best version, using hypnosis therapy and coaching with offices in New York City, La Jolla, California, and Russia. Elena founded AlphaMind self-hypnosis app and HypnoCloud platform.

For further information, visit: https://www.hypnocloud.com

Media Contact:

Elena Mosaner
Attn: Media Relations
888 Prospect Street, # 200
La Jolla, CA
646 450 8167