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“Perficio”, a smart digital coaching app that helps overcome the psychological Catch-22 of self-help by blending personalized digital coaching into an online self-improvement course — so one can bridge the divide between knowing what to do to reach those goals and actually doing it. 

Hallandale Beach, Florida, February 6, 2021, It is no secret that the self-help industry is huge. Books, Manuals, and Online Courses are the most typically available methods of self-improvement. The problem is that they do not work by themselves. The person reaching out to better themselves must do certain things at a bare minimum to succeed in this quest. The potential is there – but not the reality. There are four pervasive problems of Self-Help that have been identified by personal development coach Tony Petrozza.

A typical person does not get the benefits because of four simple reasons. They did not:

  • Start the course/book
  • Finish the course/book
  • Apply the principles of the course/book
  • Continually apply the principles of the course/book

A cutting-edge automated virtual coaching program named Perficio has just come on to the market. Its creator Tony Petrozza had been working on it for over six years. It solves all four problems.

Perficio’s 3-Part Self-Help Success Model:

  • Digital Coaching: Perficio’s coaching style and messages are 100% custom to its users’ unique personality characteristics. It helps them overcome the psychological roadblocks that have hold a person back from taking action and completing self-help books and courses.

They are coached to learn using Accelerated Learning techniques, which is far superior to traditional learning. Most importantly, Perficio helps them proceed and ensures that they do. It adjusts with how their life actually is, not how they would wish it to be.

  • Self-Improvement Course: There are thousands of self-help courses/books. A person must have a desire to improve and have some dedication to get something out of anyone. What good is access to a course if a student does not actually apply its principles or pursue relevant goals? Perficio is a virtual coaching program to help its user do this. It is designed for any course to be offered on its platform.

Ben Franklin is the author of Perficio’s premier course; “The Way To Wealth”. It has been made into a home study course and adapted for the modern audience. Perficio’s online personal development courses are designed with one thing in mind: Providing its users with the knowledge needed to reach their goals.

  • Accomplish One’s Goals: It is singularly focused on helping a user pursue their goals relevant to the course they just took. The secret to self-improvement success is not actually a secret. It is the long-term application of the knowledge they acquired from that self-help book or course. In the past, if they tripped up and stopped applying the self-help lessons they learned, there was not anyone to get them back on track. With Perficio, if they begin to trip up or just forget, it automatically jumps into action to make sure they stay the course.

There has never been a Self-Help App like Perficio, here are some unique features:

  • Truly Personalized. Perficio “knows you” because of the comprehensive Preparatory Phase. Users will be helped to start and finish a course and apply and use what they learned like never before. Users choose the pace and if they do not keep up, Perficio automatically adjusts the pace for them.
  • Perficio coaches the users to learn the knowledge using ‘Accelerated Learning’. They will know the material on a much deeper level than normal as well as remember it for much longer.
  • Some people like to learn by themselves others prefer the group. Perficio utilizes both dynamics simultaneously for maximum benefit to the user. It is the perfect companion for a Self-Pacer and when they want or need the group, they will always be available.
  • The coaching primarily utilizes ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (NLP). Countless therapists and business people utilize NLP to help their clients. Perficio uses it to serve users and get the most for them.
  • There is no scrutiny, judgement, or pressure. Perficio is not a proxy for a human, it is an automated computer program designed to serve a user so that they get the most out of a course. Then, to get that user to continue to take persistent action to achieve the goals that were developed in that course.
  • Perficio is action oriented. The client is coached to take action not only to help them learn the lessons, but to get them moving towards their goals immediately. After the course, goal-action become the entire focus until achievement.
  • Perficio is not static, it learns from the user as they progress and uses that information to help them even more. Perficio is loyally always there for the user.
  • Perficio adapts to the user as their own lives may change, in what they can do or even just willing to do. It allows the user to take breaks, go on vacation, whatever they want. Then it gets the user back on track before too much time passes.
  • It does not forget the client. If they get stuck or stop making progress, Perficio will monitor the situation closely. When it detects the client needs extra help, because it knows the user so well, it will get them back on track. This is called Motivator Mode.

During a recent press event, Tony Petrozza, the inventor of Perficio, made these comments, “It’s not that we wouldn’t sell you another course. We will just ask you questions first. Did you accomplish your goals with the first one? Or are you working on them now? If not, why not? We are all about goal accomplishment for the customer. If you know of a course that you would like to have Perficio coach, let us know! The adaptation will be simple. Our goal is to have the greatest collection of Self-Help Materials in the world.”

For further information, visit: https://perficio.io/

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