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“The Healthy Boss”, a second addition to her first release, is a much-needed self-help book for those in leadership positions, and frankly for anyone looking to self-improve. The book will help people to lead a healthy lifestyle even while in stressful positions, either in the workplace or at home. Improving the six forms of health is the key to success. 

Portsmouth, VA – Feb 9th, 2021, Author Kendra Robinson has announced the release of her highly anticipated second edition of “The Healthy Boss”. In this book, Kendra uses an all-encompassing approach to coach how to live a healthier lifestyle, in all aspects of life, not just dietary. “The Healthy Boss” is a self-help book that also includes resources for restaurants, recipes for meals, smoothies and juices, and beginner exercises. It also details her personal journey of becoming a better version of herself, in real-time.

In “The Healthy Boss”, author Kendra Robinson describes how her transition to living a vegan life allowed her to stop taking prescription drugs for her high blood pressure. Many people do not realize all of the negative side effects that come with prescription drugs, and how simply changing ones’ diet could reduce the dependence on prescription drugs and even make them feel happier and healthier. She also released a salt-free line of seasonings called “The Healthy Boss Seasonings”, that can be used to make healthy dishes that still taste great.

During a recent interview, Kendra was quoted as saying, “I help bosses refocus and commit to improving their own health while improving their business. The focus is not just on your physical and dietary health. I coach bosses on improving their six forms of health: physical, dietary, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual health.” She went on to say, “Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t write this book after my weight loss journey was over. Or, I was in the maintenance stage, and I can tell you what happened during every stage. Truth is, because I want to use this book as encouragement, for not only you all, but also use it as an encouragement for myself.”

“The Healthy Boss” can be purchased on Kendra Robinson’s official website at https://www.healthy-boss.com/.

Kendra Robinson is available for corporate training events, speaking engagements and interviews. To book Kenda, visit her official website at https://www.healthy-boss.com/

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