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As COVID-19 continues to plague the world and the rates of depression skyrocket, many doctors, therapists, and coaches are looking for online ways to communicate with their clients. Quenza, a new “Software-as-a-Service”, not only increases efficiency, but opens up a whole new world of scalable communication and digital client engagement. 

Maastricht, Netherlands – Feb 8th, 2021, Quenza has made international headlines this week as they announce the official launch of a new “Software-as-a-Service” aimed at tackling soaring mental health issues. Quenza is a one-of-kind software solution for practitioners that are looking for a better way to digitally support their clients or clients. The software allows practitioners to empower their practice and clients with very personalized care, by using the online interactive software. Quenza provides a way to craft unique care by digitally engaging, assessing, and psycho-educating clients for better outcomes in less time.

Quenza was founded a team of professionals looking to revolutionize the way practitioners communicate with their clients and/or clients. The company’s co-founder and CPO, Dr. Hugo Alberts, holds a PhD and is a psychologist, researcher, and entrepreneur. During a recent interview, Quenza’s co-founder and CMO Seph Fontane was quoted as saying, “In the current Covid-landscape, practitioners are busier than ever before. There are so many mental health problems. This tool will help them help more people and be maximally effective in their work with clients.” He went on to say, “Quenza allows the practitioner to build activities, send information, track records, recommend science-based activities and maintain open communication with their clients.”

Brad Desmond, a Psychotherapist that uses Quenza was recently quoted as saying, “Quenza allows me to be there for my clients throughout the week with automated follow-up in the form of stunning homework exercises, video content, and inspirational messages. I’ve essentially ‘cloned’ myself and can now take on more clients while delivering better care.”

Quenza has now opened for new signups and is offering a risk-free trial period that is only $1. The program is fully HIPAA & GDPR compliant, uses the latest privacy standards, and is completely accessible on mobile, tablet, iOS, and the Android app.

To learn more about Quenza or to sign up, visit their official website at https://quenza.com/


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