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Aryo’s holistic approach will change one’s perspective of living space, and help to create a better environment. By allow him to motivate, one will discover a new, vibrant, and energetic lifestyle for the rest of one’s life. 

British Columbia, Canada, February 10, 2021, Interesting how parents will baby-proof their home to protect their young kids, but few people think about how to make changes in the home environment to meet the challenges of maturity.

When folks get to the age of 60 or above, they want to live their lives as safe as possible; “Beyond Ages” shares stories of Aryo’s clients who improved their lives to live in a safe, healthy, and mentally sharp environment. The guidelines, along with stories help readers get a better understanding of how to turn their home into a sanctuary for their older age.

“Beyond Ages – A Smooth Transition to Independent Living” offers the experience, wisdom and knowledge needed to learn how to deal with what to expect from a designer and contractor. Stories in this book resonate with specific real-life situations everyone meets sooner or later.

Aryo’s holistic approach will change one’s perspective of living space and help create a better home environment. Allow him to motivate oneself, and discover a new, vibrant, and energetic lifestyle. What makes someone healthy in body and soul is motivation. Motivation can inspire everyone to live better, happier, and healthier. Some people are strong-minded and can keep themselves in high vibration and stay motivated at all times, but many others need assistance.

It is not easy for everyone to access a coach to keep them motivated, but it is easy to change one’s ambiance to a happier place. Keep one’s living space suited for one’s life but make it helpful at the same time.

About The Author:

Aryo Falakrou lives in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, and loves outdoor activates.

He jogs almost every day and enjoys nature. Socializing with friends and dining out as well as traveling is his passion of life.

He travels with his Wife, Esther, and his two sons Aramesh and Aron often to new places every year! (if possible) He values personal development and keeps himself update by listening to motivational speakers and he understands the value of spirituality in daily life. He meditates every day and keeps himself connected to the universe.

A designer, inventor, and author, Aryo’s outside the box thinking strategy helps his clients to achieve more when it comes to renovating their homes, building their dream home, or designing their workplace. Aryo has been working in the field of architecture and interior design since the ’80s and his core value is Taking Care.

He likes to take care of the environment by advocating for his clients by building environmentally friendly buildings, and he takes care of his clients by offering exceptional design and customer service. For him, the client’s today’s needs and future goals are the most important part of the job.

He says, architecture is the combination of art, functionality, and science, he adds psychology and ancient philosophy to modern architecture.

For complete information, visit: https://www.beyond-ages.com

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