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“Swift Homes” buys homes and rents them out, allowing them to make competitive offers, close quickly and take on the repairs. 

Chicago, Illinois, February 12, 2021, “Swift Homes” is in a unique position to help folks who need to sell their home for any reason. They have the ability to guide the seller through the process and close the transaction quickly. Swift has a systematic approach that has proven its worth as a valuable tool for sellers in many transactions.

Swift Homes is a well-respected buyer of real estate because: 

  • They buy homes and rent them out which allows them to provide competitive offers.
  • The team behind Swift Homes has over 20 years of experience buying homes.
  • Their team at Swift Homes has purchased over 5,000 homes.
  • Swift is backed by a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund so sellers can be sure that they have the resources to purchase any home in cash.
  • From their headquarters in downtown Chicago, they buy nationwide.

Flippers or Wholesalers: Sellers have to lose out with a much lower price, and the wholesaler may back out at the last minute and may even lower their price offer at the last minute. Wholesalers may not have cash when it is time to close.

Traditional Sale: Sellers have to deal with showings and an uncertain timeline. There is always the risk of no or low offers. Sellers often get stuck when repairs are needed. Buyers under contract come up with all kinds of reasons why they cannot complete the deal and can waste months of the seller’s time.

Hassle-Free With Swift Homes: Swift Homes offers sellers a competitive and a fast cash offer. Swift buys home AS-IS & in any condition and sellers can pick their closing date. Sellers can avoid showings, uncertainty, and broker fees.

 Why so many sellers choose Swift Homes:

  • They are now live in nearly 100 different MSAs (markets) and thousands of cities.
  • Swift does not need to visit a seller’s home to make a cash offer.
  • They can close on the seller’s timeline.
  • Swift takes care of the repairs.
  • They have a special program where the seller can stay in their home and rent it back from Swift.
  • Swift can buy even if a seller owns an investment home and have a tenant in place with a lease because they are buying homes to rent out.

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Dalceada W., a Verified Client from South Carolina, had to say, “Swift Homes reached out to me right away. They communicated with me every step of the way. It was painless. They took great care of me. They even found an experienced notary to handle my closing paperwork. The process went very smoothly and quickly. Kudos to their entire team. I highly recommend them.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.selltoswift.com

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