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In true community spirit, FunFlicks® is now reaching out to fairgrounds as a way to continue the age-old family tradition of watching a good movie together. As fairgrounds suffer from a lack of patronage, this is the perfect way to help revive them. In an era of social distancing, drive-in movie theaters and concerts are the perfect way to enjoy a movie without putting anyone’s health or safety at risk. 

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 12th, 2021, FunFlicks Outdoor Movies emerged as a community leader during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing emergency relief to those on the front lines, and free downloadable movies to those suffering from lockdown fatigue in their houses. Now that the country is adapting to the “new normal”, FunFlicks® has decided to begin a “give back” campaign and offer their services to have fairgrounds in each community host pop-up drive-in movie theaters and even concerts for their residents.

FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies has been a leader in providing businesses and individuals with “pop-up drive-in movie theaters” for over 20 years. Rentals include a huge Inflatable movie screen, concert grade sound, HD Projection and Event Staff to safely set-up and stay for the duration of the event. FunFlicks has worked with the YMCA, ABC’s The Bachelor live event, Lamborghini, Tesla, Toyota, Harley-Davidson Dealerships, and many more.

During a recent interview, the owner of FunFlicks was quoted as saying, “Since COVID-19, community fairgrounds have been just devastated. We thought that initiating this campaign to work with local fairgrounds would be a great way for us to bring our communities back to the fair in a unique way.  We miss our local fairs but if we can provide a little hope for them and create some revenue stream, we have to help.”

He went on to say, “During these times when it’s hard to even visit a movie theater, families can come on down to their local fairgrounds for an old-school drive-in movie. If fairgrounds in each community host drive-in movies, I know that it will bring back that nostalgic feeling of going to a drive-in movie back in the day, and at least for that moment in time, fill the community with happiness. Happiness and positivity are the key to life, so let us work on bringing back happiness to our communities.”

To learn more about the FunFlicks® brand, their drive-in movie theater pop-up packages, or how they have contributed to the COvID-19 relief efforts, visit their official website at: https://www.funflicks.com/.

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