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The 2020-2021 Application Cycle brought in, on average, a 20%-30% increase in applications to top US universities like Harvard, Yale, and UPenn. Despite the increasing competitiveness of admissions, students working with Crimson Education were 4x more likely to gain admission than the average applicant.

San Francisco, California, February 17, 2021, Top universities across the country have seen record-high application numbers in the current admissions round, with schools like Harvard and Brown reporting application increases of 42% and 24% from the previous year, respectively. In fact, the increase has been so substantial that many have pushed back their decision dates for regular rounds due to an overwhelming number of applications.

As a result of record-high application numbers, acceptance percentages have plunged. However, students working with Crimson Education – a leading global expert in admissions – have still had overwhelming success in the current application cycle despite the increase in competition.

“We saw two key trends this year. One, given that schools went test-optional, more students aimed for the world’s most competitive universities. Second, we saw a rise in leadership and impact building a strong profile.” said Crimson Education’s Managing Director, Anjali Bhatia. “Our program is designed around helping students build leadership skills so we had high percentages of our students admitted early.”

Crimson is the launching pad that equips young people around the world to compete on the world stage. Their technology eliminates the barriers of geography and legacy and sees their students – a great number of whom are first-generation university admits – reach their greatest potential thanks to the dedication and expertise of their personalized Crimson teams.

In the 2020-21 admissions round, Crimson students have already secured more than 200 offers for top UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge, and 250+ for the US Top 50. This 250+ includes multiple offers to every Ivy League school (besides Princeton who did not hold an early action round this year) + Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, John Hopkins, Caltech, NYU, UChicago, and many more.

Crimson employs a global team of strategists, mentors, and tutors that guide students through the entire application process. From choosing the best universities for their academic goals and educational passions to making sure their entire application has an overarching theme, Crimson’s strategists are the lynchpin that holds a student’s application together.

Most importantly, their strategists understand what students are going through — and how to ‘get in’! This is because they have successfully navigated the process themselves as graduates from the Ivy League, Stanford, Swarthmore, Berkeley, Michigan, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, and many more top universities.

Crimson is highly sought after for the following services:

  • University Admissions Support: Comprehensive support in all aspects of the US and UK application processes provided by a team of experts who are matched to each student according to university goals, interests, and learning styles.
  • Online Tutoring: With six years of online teaching experience, Crimson has perfected the art of engaging students through a computer screen with exceptional results.
  • College Athletic Recruitment: Their specialized athletics team assists student-athletes in finding their best-fit university based on athletic ability, academic strength, college characteristics, and student preferences.
  • University Admissions Support: Comprehensive support in all aspects of the US and UK application processes provided by a team of experts who are matched to each student according to university goals, interests, and learning styles.
  • Med School Admissions Support: Post-Graduate Admissions Support. Expert mentors stationed at top US and UK business schools can help students make their next big career move.
  • Educational Tours: From NASA to Harvard Model UN, Oxford’s Robotics Unit to Stanford’s sprawling campus, Crimson’s Tours connect like-minded students from around the world through life-changing educational experiences.
  • Crimson Rise: A program unlike any other for students aged 11-14, Crimson Rise is a personalized, holistic program for young students, designed to prepare them to succeed.

Over 80% of students and families give Crimson a perfect 5 Star Rating. Student Testimonials tell the story. Porsche, Class of 2025, who’s been admitted to Howard, UNC Charlotte, and Elon with more offers to come, says: “[My team] set me up for success, and by the end, I had learned so much about writing and myself, and I want to be a resource like this for students. Every time I think of Crimson, I do not think of it as academic support. Every single person was there for me 100%. When my time does run out with Crimson, I want to become a mentor at Crimson for other students like myself!”

And Sophie, Class of 2015, who was accepted in the early decision round and will be attending MIT, adds: “I love my team. I sincerely would have never thought I would have such a great connection with each team member. But it all really worked. The personality test at the beginning really helped set us up for success!”

For further information, visit: https://www.crimsoneducation.org/us/

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