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As Covid-19 continues to plague the world, more and more depositions and other legal proceedings are being done virtually, using software like Zoom and skype. While some lawyers find it more difficult to present important evidence in a virtual setting, ExhibitView not only makes it easier to queue up files but brings hyper focus to exhibits without distraction. 

Rome, GA – Feb 18th, 2021, ExhibitView Solutions has made international headlines this week as they formally announce that their software is quickly overtaking competitors to become the best virtual trial presentation software available. As more legal proceedings continue to switch to the virtual format, many trial attorneys and litigators have found it increasingly difficult to present their evidence in a professional and convincing format. ExhibitView is quickly becoming the “go-to” trial presentation software, not just for trial, but for any application where it is necessary to present “exhibits” or evidence virtually.

The President & CEO of ExhibitView, Robert K. Finnell, Esq., has over 35+ years of personal injury and courtroom experience, and is a member of the American Association for Justice and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. The team at ExhibitView consists of highly trained attorneys, IT professionals and technology experts. Mr. William Roach, Partner and VP of Customer Relations is the visionary who took ExhibitView from concept to product. ExhibitView is prime not just for virtual trials, but for In-Person Trials, Zoom Depositions, Zoom Mediations & Zoom Trials.

During a recent interview, Mr. Roach was quoted as saying, “As Covid-19 greatly reshaped the way nearly all legal battles are fought, it is vitally important for attorneys to adapt and be able to present their best possible case, whether in the courtroom or in a virtual courtroom. While some attorneys use PDF readers and wave their mouse around on the screen for attention, ExhibitView allows you to queue up the evidence easily and quickly on the screen for everyone to easily see, just like in trial. It is a game changer and gives unprecedented advantage to anyone who chooses it. It is like having a trial tech at every deposition, it’s quite intimidating.”

He went on to say, “Some attorneys still use Acrobat and other non-presentation software tools during online proceedings essentially using anything they can find on their computer to share their screen and show exhibits. Those moments are always awkward as they ask witnesses if they can see their mouse moving back and forth to attempt making a point. It’s the definition of being cheap when the right tool for the job is easily adapted.”

ExhibitView is the only virtual trial presentation software designed to supplant all the hybrid ways of screen sharing to attempt to show important documents and other kinds of exhibits such as photos, videos, and audio. The benefit of using ExhibitView serves an important element of depositions and that is the presentation of exhibits with a proper zoom and highlighting and using other annotation tools live to get their important points across.

The ease of the software combined with the professional look and feel of true trial presentation software is a major positive; whilst being an unknown consequence of how COVID-19 would have changed the US legal system.

To learn more about ExhibitView Trial Presentation Software, visit their official website at: https://bit.ly/3ucraa8

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