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First in a series of multi-platform resources designed to help adults and children  find greater self-awareness and the power of community connection.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. March 7, 2021, Bo Stehmeier – an Amsterdam-based, prolific international broadcast media executive, husband, and father of two – has authored two new cross-generational companion books. Both serve as a season-by-season guide to finding greater self-awareness and building a purpose-filled community-based existence.

  • “WAKE UP – Rise & Shine” playfully guides readers to ‘wake up’ to an ever more self-aware existence, focusing on the meaningful sense of purpose that can be brought to life.
  • “BOREALIS”, the second in the series, aims to reignite and nurture our innate child-like curiosity through an ongoing adventurous journey through the self. Whilst WAKE UP explores some of the science and background of this suggested waking-up process, BOREALIS predominantly focuses on the subject from a child’s perspective.

An Individual Awakening:

With original illustrations by Stehmeier and animations provided by Karachi-based studio Video Explainers, the two books are structured by season. These manuals will help guide readers through their individual awakening by re-connecting mind to body & soul and the community that homes it. The intention is to help readers discover their many innate gifts, find their purpose, and carve out their own special place within their already existing environment.

A Quote From Bo Stehmeier:

“Through my own recent, very personal process, I have spent a huge amount of time exploring the way in which we see and understand ourselves, interacting with the people closest to us and pondering on how the western viewpoint on society can undergo the paradigm shift it so desperately needs.

Today, we are surrounded by apparent abundance and yet driven by scarcity. Understanding our integral connection to the planet can not only improve our relationship with the planet itself, but recalibrate our communities, the very epicenter of the wellbeing of our species. Paradoxically, the more invested in community we become, the more rewards can be reaped through a profound sense of purpose and flow, leading to more sustainable joy, no matter what is thrown at us. In this is the dawn of potential change.” 

About the books:

“WAKE UP – Rise & Shine” endeavors to be a dependable guide on a transitional journey for people with an openness to new thinking. It has been written for those who have a deep yearning to unlock their true potential through playful experiments.

Stehmeier warm-heartedly welcomes all to their own coming-of-age through an epic journey, sowing the seeds of profound systemic change at an individual level. Becoming the change everybody wants to see will inevitably put this species’ right-of-passage back on track, one community at a time.

“BOREALIS” is the second in the series. Illustrated with beautiful scenes that will have everyone returning time and again for sheer pleasure and magical experience, this book shows how gaining self-awareness and knowledge of our true gifts and preferences is the most important lesson children can learn to equip them for facing life’s myriad challenges.

The institutions they are entrusted to rarely touch on self-awareness and collaboration, skills that unfortunately many parents lack the time to develop or were not taught themselves.

Through fun and exciting exercises that lead to cross-generational self-discovery, particularly when readers use the book in tandem with the website, it becomes an interactive learning journey enhanced by visualization. Children will find it to be an absolute adventure and for adults, a perfect ‘Rubik’s cube’, flexible enough to tackle the complexity of modern-day self-discovery.

Learn more about “WAKE UP – Rise & Shine” here.

Learn more about “BOREALIS” here.

About the author:

Bo Stehmeier is a middle-aged man-child-husband and father of two little people. Currently living in Amsterdam, Bo grew up in Africa and stems from Nordic heritage. For the last twenty years he has worked in the global TV content business, which has provided him with a perfect platform to study contemporary mainstream consumer narratives.

In addition, he has lived in eight countries during his time on this planet, making him a truly global citizen. His travels have exposed him to many different people, cultures, and personalities, which, together with his natural curiosity, got him questioning the value of modern-day success. With his two little people entering the mainstream of Western society in the coming years, he felt the clock ticking to “wake up”!

It was around many a chicken barbeque, whilst enjoying a beer or three that he realized that there is more to life than what Western society believes matters most. Driven by his love of the natural world, enchantment with all things visual, and desire to help people find their X on their treasure map, he ventured into the unknown wilds of his own Nordic mystical cultures and roots. Little did he know what an intense and revealing journey of self-discovery it would become.

Through reconnecting with his own integral nature, in ways he had not imagined possible, the consumer-driven world in began to lose its shine, and an authentic pathway to a life of balance and meaning revealed itself. Driven by the need to share this ancient wisdom with others, he has written two books to awaken adults and prevent little people from losing the innate knowledge we are all born with.

For complete information on Bo Stehmeier’s books, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Bo-Stehmeier

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