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As the CDC issues a startling warning concerning face masks made in China, Utah-based PPE company PuraVita has sprung into action to begin production of USA made KN95 masks. The CDC’s recent statement regarding ineffective KN95 masks should be an eye opener for everyone around the world to stop relying on China for PPE equipment.    

Lindon, UT – March 10th, 2021, PuraVita Medical (“PuraVita”) announced today that it has started production and sales of the only USA made ASTM level 3 KN95 masks. PuraVita is a Utah-based mask manufacturing company wholly owned and operated by Americans. Their mission is to save lives, re-shore American jobs and help America become independent for its PPE needs. The management team has over 100 years of experience with supply chain management, manufacturing and building successful companies.

During a recent interview, Paul Hickey, the President of PuraVita was quoted as saying, “Because of the shortage of N95 respirators in the U.S. there are many health professionals and other high-risk people who have sought out KN95 masks as the next best thing. However, just weeks ago the CDC announced that NIOSH tested dozens of Chinese made KN95 masks and reported that over 60% of them did not meet the specs on the box.”

He went on to say, “We found that extremely alarming to say the least. Millions of people are wearing these masks with a false sense of protection. We believe that our front-line workers and their family members deserve the highest protection possible and hence the reason we developed the world’s first USA made ASTM Level 3 rated KN95 mask to give the most protection of any KN95 on the market today. And we make it right here in our Utah factory clean room.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be calming down as cases decrease and vaccines become more readily available, it is still vitally important to make sure that every American has access to the necessary equipment to keep themselves and their families safe. The PuraVita initiative to re-shore American jobs and give Americans a “Made in the USA” option when buying masks is a righteous initiative and is widely supported by most Americans.

To learn more about PuraVita’s initiative & USA KN95 face masks or their mission to bring back jobs to the USA, visit their official website at https://www.puravita.com/

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