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There is no doubt that millions of Americans are facing unprecedented levels of stress as the Covid-19 Pandemic ravages families and communities. This new self-help guide is specifically designed to help readers minimize the negative effects of stress by maximizing their ability to identify and utilize the natural skills and capabilities they already possess. 

Las Vegas, NV – March 12th 2021, Life coach & author Anthony Parnell has made national headlines this week as he announces the release of his new self-help guide “The Self-Help Guide To Stress Management.” Anthony Parnell, M.S.W. is a published author of several books, he is a stress management trainer, life coach and wellness mentor who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses explore and reach their full potential. Author Anthony Parnell’s new highly anticipated book is expected to be a best seller as more and more people are looking towards self-help guides as a means to cope with their ever-increasing stress levels.

Anthony Parnell is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University’s Whitney M. Young Graduate School of Social Work. He has been a guest lecturer & presenter at various workshops and conferences & has made guest appearances on numerous local and national media outlets. Some of his recent appearances include nationally syndicated Sirius XM Radio, the Patricia Raskin Positive Living Radio Show, Kababyan L.A. television show in Los Angeles, & the San Diego Live morning television show.

During a recent interview, Anthony Parnell was quoted as saying, “People all around the world are weighed down by stress resulting from the far-reaching impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thus, they are in need of tools and resources that will aid them in coping with their feelings of stress. My book, The Self-Help Guide to Stress Management is an excellent resource for effectively managing stress personally and professionally.” He went on to say, “I wrote this book specifically for people that are having a hard time coping with abnormally high stress levels. Whether it is stress from everyday life, from business or from Covid-19, there are amazing pointers in this guide for everyone.”

In Anthony Parnell’s new book, he goes into detail and explains how to:

  1. Identify common stressors that contribute to stress and common warning signs that serve as indicators of unhealthy levels of stress.
  2. Gain an understanding of the positive as well as negative impact of stress on one’s personal and professional lives.
  3. Increase Productivity and maintain Work-Life Balance.
  4. Learn 5 Simple Steps for Developing and Implementing an Effective Stress Management Plan.
  5. Begin incorporating 10 Strategies for Effectively Managing Stress into personal and professional lives.

To learn more about author Anthony Parnell’s latest book release or to find out more about his coaching & mentorship programs, visit his official website at https://anthonyparnell.com/

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