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As traditional children’s picture books come under increased scrutiny with some even being cancelled, Author Sanja Mach made it her goal to create wholesome children’s picture books that all children can enjoy. Sanja’s 4 books, available on Amazon, are already garnering attention after receiving great reviews. 

Split, Croatia – March 13th 2021, Children’s book author Sanja Mach has made national headlines with the release of her new line of children’s picture books that have already received rave reviews. Sanja’s line of picture books can be found in English as well as some with a German version. In this day-and-age it is more important than ever to provide children with the learning tools that they need to grow, and Sanja Mach’s new line of picture books may be just what the doctor ordered.

In a recent interview, author Sanja Mach was quoted as saying, “Ever since I was younger, I had a penchant for writing short stories. After becoming a mother, that love of writing helped me make up stories and come up with exciting characters for my children to enjoy bedtime stories.  The idea behind Sanja’s books is to teach children to nurture compassion, friendship and, above all, accept themselves as they are. Every child is unique and special, and through her stories, she tries to teach children to develop rather than suppress their qualities.”

Sanja currently has 4 children’s picture books available on Amazon:

  1. “The Curious Gecko” – the main character in this book likes to explore jagged rocks along the sea. One day after discovering something, she tried to conceal the truth, but it always finds its way. After her mother revealed the secret, she taught a very valuable life lesson to The Curious Gecko – a great life lesson book for all children.
  2. “The Crowd in The Ocean” – This book is part of a series that follows one octopus on his voyage through oceans and describes his adventures. Also, in addition to the story, each picture book includes two more segments. The second part is named ‘Color and learn’, where children meet the creatures mentioned in the story. They can see realistic black and white pictures of the animals to color them if wanted. The third part allows small readers to make the pop-up picture.
  3.  “Okto’s Journey” – ‘Okto’s Journey’ is part of a series that began with the picture book ‘The Crowd in the Ocean’. The main idea of this book is that is entertaining for the whole family as it is a storyline and activity book. The entire series follows the octopus on his voyage through oceans and describes his adventures.
  4. “Emma” – This is a great book to teach the lesson of patience to children. While walking home from school, Emma sees another young girl sitting on a bench, and tries to become friends with her. Despite not knowing her, she decided to turn to her and find out what interested her. The unknown girl kindly allowed her to join her but made no effort to develop a conversation with curious Emma. Despite the difficulties, Emma persisted in finding out what interested her, and that reason was the big red bow that adorned her head. Will Emma find out what interests her, or will she give up and leave despite her efforts? Is there a reason why an unusual girl is so silent? Maybe Emma will discover much more than she expected if she only remains patient.

To learn more about author Sanja Mach’s line of children’s picture books or to purchase a copy, visit her official Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/Sanja-Mach/e/B07ZHLTKMP/.


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