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FunFlicks continues to go back to their roots by partnering with golf courses as a way to bring fun and joy to their members by means of traditional drive-in movie theaters and even live feed sporting events. In an era where lockdowns are common, there is no better way to have some good ol’ fashion family fun by going to a drive-in movie.

Los Angeles, CA – March 15th 2021, FunFlicks Outdoor Movies, the leader in pop-up drive-in movie theaters has announced that they have begun reaching out to country clubs and golf courses in an effort to revive their local community with fun-filled country club activities and even live feed sporting events. FunFlicks has been providing pop-up movie theaters, in a range of sizes, to individuals and communities as the pandemic saw many movie theaters close down. During the onset of the Covid pandemic, FunFlicks was on the front-line and provided not only free movie downloads to cope with lockdowns, but also provided emergency relief supplies to those in need.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for FunFlicks was quoted as saying, “This wonderful golf club social event creates a relaxed environment, for your families in a safe controlled environment – your driving range or parking lot! Golf club members, residents, staff, management, security & maintenance come together to experience a movie in your Country Club community.” He went on to say, “It’s not just watching a movie, but it brings together the whole community to experience something truly magical – a drive-in movie that brings back that nostalgic feeling of back in the day when drive-in movies were the main social gathering spots.”

Outdoor movies make a unique country club event idea that is different than watching a movie at home or at the theater. Country clubs can also use these LED screen rentals to bring live sporting events to their members by piping a live feed and create an event where their members can watch live national or international sporting events. According to the FunFlicks website, “rental times are flexible, allowing use of mobile LED screen rental for two hours, the entire day or for the whole weekend. Above all, our competitive pricing means you won’t break the budget for live feed sporting events, conventions, business engagements and more.”

To learn more about the FunFlicks brand, their drive-in movie theatre pop-up packages, or how they have contributed to the Covid-19 relief efforts, visit their official website at: https://www.funflicks.com/country-club-events/.

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