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Ever hear this saying “When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Going”. The Long Shot Leaders Podcast is amply named in that it features guests whose success was considered a longshot, yet each of them learned how to overcome diversity and defy the odds and rise to become ultra-successful. 

Los Angeles, California, March 14, 2021, In these trying times as the COVID-19 Pandemic wreaks havoc on the economy and people’s personal and business lives, a new Podcast shows that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Michael Stein has launched the “Long Shot Leaders” Podcast featuring ultra-successful people that were not given success on a silver-platter. Quite the contrary, their stories will not only amaze listeners, but also inspire them.

“Long Shot Leaders” tells the stories and secrets of leaders, Innovators, entrepreneurs, and various high achievers. They explore their struggles, shortcomings, challenges, and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.

Here are some of the initial guests:

  • Sean Spector: Co-Founder of Gamefly and DropOff.
  • Carl Gottlieb: The Writer of JAWS, The Jerk, and Caveman.
  • Bruce Vilanch: Comedy Writer, Songwriter and Actor.
  • Jeff Arch: Writer “Sleepless in Seattle”.
  • Erica Anenberg: Jewelry Designer Pioneer, Entrepreneur.
  • Daven Michaels: NY Times Best Selling Author, Outsourcing Leader.
  • Stipe Miocic: 6x Reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  • Ron Yuan: An Asian Actor in Hollywood.
  • Timothy McLaughlin of “Warrior Of Eight Flags”.
  • Louis Lombardi of “The Sopranos”.

During a recent interview, Michael Stein, Founder of Long Shot Leaders, shares part of his background story, “I am what you call a “Long Shot”. I come from a long line of “long shots”. My grandmother and her family escaped the Russian concentration camps at gunpoint on her way to America. My father was a homeless New York street kid who eventually became a millionaire to lose it all due to a reckless lifestyle and found himself penniless and living homeless again.”

He goes on to say, “I was an unplanned child, born over two months premature, with immunity issues. Growing up, I was diagnosed with a “learning disability”, Dyslexia, and had a bad stutter. I grew up in a broken home. I was weak, riddled with health challenges, frequently confused, felt out of place, socially awkward, quiet, hyper, and impulsive. My complete story is on my website.”

Michael urges all Podcast Listeners to visit the Long Shot Leaders website and sign-up for the email newsletter of upcoming weekly episodes. He looks forward to sharing many stories of “Long Shots” who have overcome large obstacles and found success.

For complete information, visit: https://longshotleaders.com/

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