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Allows users to create and find events in real-time. They can find dancing, hiking, snowboarding, chess, fishing, and rollerblading groups, etc. It enables users to make friends who share the same interests. 

Burgas, Bulgaria, March 19, 2021, The social media hybrid app, “IamGoingTo”, that sent shockwaves throughout the social media app industry, has recently launched an upgraded version, to thousands of users delight. The uniqueness of this app is still being comprehended, as it offers so much more than meets the eye.

“IamGoingTo” will help users find friends with the same interests. Its key points:

  • It allows users to create and find events in real life. They can find dancing, hiking, snowboarding, chess, fishing, and rollerblading groups. It enables them to make friends that share the same interests.
  • Allows users to join other peoples’ events. From the app, they can track other events happening around them or specifically selected points. The events can be simple or complex in nature. For instance, it could be flight trips, car trips, entertainment joints, and more.
  • The app also allows users to find important services within the event. By searching for events, they can find additional available services within the event. For instance, if they open an event “Surfing in The Florida Keys,” the app will display any additional services available and useful for surfing. In this case, they can find available surfboard rentals, surf schools or classes, surf instructors, or hostels reserved for surfers in the event. The app will not show ads, only search with a convenient filter for the services needed.
  • The app allows users to find a guide or instructor and hire equipment. The business will be able to find customers. Registration for businesses is free.

Thanks to “IamGoingTo”, people do not have to do things alone, or miss out on fun and important events because they have nobody to go with. Going to a music concert can be a fun time, but not alone. Now it is a simple matter to join-up with other users planning on attending the same concert. Even going on a vacation can become a great interactive experience with other app users sharing the same interests.

Looking for a boat rental? How about hiring a local guide to show the sights and sounds of a new city?  ”iAmGoingTo” can connect users to everything they require to make their adventure one they will never forget.

On Google Play and the App Store. Registration using Google and Facebook account. Repost events and route maps to Facebook.

For complete information, visit: http://iamgoingto.net