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It is the first non-brokerage specific public website that allows listing agents to search for potential buyers that have agent representation. The reverse MLS is here and helping agents do their best job for their clients. The agents behind “Always Buyers” saw a need for listing agents to be able to search online for buyer clients when selling a home. 

Venice, California, March 28, 2021, “Always Buyers” sent shockwaves throughout the Real Estate Industry with the launch of their new Real Estate Platform that lets Agents market their client’s home buying needs. It has been many years since such an innovative platform with such a disruptive approach has been launched and made available to all licensed real estate agents. The time is right.

The platform is for licensed agents only. Basically, they let agents get the word out about what kind of property their buyer client wants and where they want it. By getting the word out about their buyer clients, buyer agents can get approached by listing agents with their on – off and coming soon listings that match what the Buyer Client wants.

Listing agents often struggle to identify buyers and must resort to endless open houses, showings, and email marketing, which are not always successful. The MLS lets agents advertise their properties for sale, but there was not a platform to advertise a home buyer client.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “Why not allow agents an opportunity to advertise their buyer clients and let listing agents approach them? “Always Buyers” brings agents together in an easy-to-use platform. Our approach to the platform is to mirror an MLS but showing active home buyers instead of homes for sale. Now with “Always Buyers”, listing agents can proactively search for a buyer and start negotiations all from their computer.”

Evan goes on to say, “The traditional real estate search process requires buyers to do all the work by shopping for homes and attend open houses and showings. This process is dated and inefficient. Even more frustrating, listing agents don’t know which other agents have buyers that match their listings because demand side (buyers) data is not available.”

While looking at sites like Zillow that list homes for sale, their team came up with a new way to approach the process: create a platform to advertise the buyer, so that sellers who are struggling to make deals can proactively search for a buyer and negotiate. Particularly during a buyer’s market, listing agents struggle to identify agents representing qualified buyers and must resort to endless open houses, email marketing and price drops.

Simply stated, “Always Buyers” is a platform for licensed real estate agents that provides them with several tools to better serve their clients.

These tools include:

  • A platform to market your buyer clients to listing agents.
  • The ability to quickly generate cover letters with pictures to send with the offer. The agent can complete the cover letter or the agent can just send a link to the buyer to complete the cover letter.
  • A platform to reverse prospect.
  • Digital flyers to market agent’s buyer needs that can be posted to Facebook, Instagram, emailed, etc.

This is the only such platform where Agents can put their clients’ home buying needs on a map.

  • Agents Representing a Seller: The fastest way to identify a qualified buyer for one’s listing because you can see real time active buyers looking near your listings.
  • Agents Representing a Buyer: Post what the buyer is looking for here (e.g., price point and area) to get the word out to agents with on and off market listings.

For complete information, visit: https://www.alwaysbuyers.com or contact Evan at evan@alwaysbuyers.com

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