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As the rate of depression and interpersonal conflicts skyrockets due to extended Covid-19 lockdowns, many have turned to self-help books and choose to use their time in isolation as a way to build a better version of themselves. This unique self-help workbook reinforces social skills to better equip individuals to cope and deal with what life has to throw at them. 

Walnut, CA – April 11, 2021, Otis Enoch SLP has announced the release of “Logic & Reason”, a self-help social communication activity workbook. “Logic & Reason” is a solution-oriented self-help workbook targeting vocabulary and verbal reasoning using concepts of emotion, virtues, motives and feelings for positive social communication and interaction.  A workbook that focuses on social communication could not come at a better time as more and more people find themselves less likely to socialize on a normal basis as lockdowns and restrictions continue unabated.

Otis Enoch is a speech-language pathologist that has been addressing communication needs related to personal and mental health wellness for over 25 years. He is also an experienced clinician with education and training in public safety/law enforcement. His work is helping to improve personal well-being and constructive relationships through increasing student’s knowledge of emotions, virtues, feelings & motives to express, listen & understand their experiences. This workbook is also recommended for the extended training of public service officers in order to support improving community safety. Officers need additional resources or practical activities that promote positive interaction while performing their challenging role, often in challenging environments and situations.

During a recent interview, Mr. Enoch was quoted as saying, “My educational and clinical work with families, adults and children over the course of two decades, provided a wealth of experiences to develop a practical solution-oriented self-help workbook. Improvement in interpersonal and social communication includes understanding concepts of emotions, feelings, virtues, and motives. He went on to say, “Logic & Reasoning is a supplementary resource to combine with other approaches that address mental and personal wellness through building verbal knowledge and reasoning skills. It is this essential building block of social communication that can reduce problems of at-risk youth, improve teen wellness and foster healthy interaction between adults.”

“A path towards healing starts with communication” – Otis Enoch SLP

To learn more about “Logic & Reasoning – Emotion and Feelings” or to purchase a copy, visit Otis’s official introduction to his workbook by clicking here.

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