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iKeep Yoga is gaining recognition as the “go-to” brand when it comes to durable, long lasting Yoga pants. iKeep is picking up steam primarily because they are affordable yet the quality competes with other top brands on the market. 

Wilmington, DE – April 14th 2021, iKeep Yoga has launched a campaign to prove to consumers that their version of Yoga pants are not only the best on the market, but cheaper and of the same, if not better quality than that of their competitor Lululemon. iKeep Yoga, over the last few weeks, has become quite popular among the “in” crowd and even influencers & fashionistas. It is becoming clear that iKeep is now one of the most popular brands of yoga pants and many Yogis are now flocking to the new brand.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for iKeep Yoga was quoted as saying, “We are so happy that consumers are choosing iKeep over other brands because we spent a lot of time and money trying to develop Yoga pants that are not only the best in market, but also the most affordable.” He went on to say, “During market research, most people commented on the high cost of great Yoga pants, so we set out on the journey to make a better product at a better price. Now that they are becoming more popular thanks to fashionistas choosing to wear iKeep, more people are realizing that they don’t need to spend a fortune for Lululemon Yoga Pants when they can get the same product, iKeep, for way less.” It is a win for consumers.

iKeep has been making a splash and recently several world-renown influencers have joined forces with iKeep, including:

Morgan Cohen – https://www.instagram.com/p/CMz_-9_LJ6w/
Gezary Matuda – https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIaZULFDAt/
PengPeng Clee – https://www.instagram.com/p/CM7uEZwHVww/

iKeep Yoga has more than 10 years of experience in the production of high-quality yoga pants, and has decided to put that expertise to good use and create a truly amazing new brand of high-quality Yoga leggings with features and advantages unlike others, including:

  1. Lightweight, stretchy and super soft, thick enough yet not overwhelming.
  2. Non-see through, comfortable enough to be worn anywhere, not just in gym.
  3. Two side-pockets and a hidden waistband pocket, to safely hold phone, keys, cards etc.
  4. High waisted design: High-Rise Waistband with Tummy Control allows for a slimmer look.

iKeep is currently offering a 30% off discount for newly released yoga pants.

Use the code “A2DCY4Q7” & purchase them from Amazon by clicking here to save $7.50, or visit their store by clicking here.

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