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Digital marketing has quickly become the most important advertising media, not only due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but even before Covid-19 ravaged businesses small and large. “One Two Social”, one of Latin America’s premiere social media marketing agencies has opened up shop in Florida, hoping to bring businesses back from the brink and into profitability. 

Orlando, FL – April 26th, 2021, One of Latin America’s prominent social media marketing agencies, “One Two Social”, has made headlines this week as they announce the opening of their new office in Florida. Although the name may seem new to Americans in the U.S., “One Two Social” has been working with firms large and small for over 7 years in Latin America with a proven track record of success. As the Covid-19 Pandemic strongly hurt businesses of all sizes, they have decided now is the best time to expand into the United States, just as so many businesses are on the brink of collapse, not knowing how to use social media and digital marketing to their advantage.

“One Two Social” was founded in 2014 by Juliana Castellar, a renown digital marketing and branding specialist that to date, has worked with over 150 brands in more than 20 different countries. “One Two Social” is a high quality, results-driven and affordable Social Media Marketing Agency. Since their inception they have quickly rose to the top of the game and are certified partners of Google, Instagram, and Facebook. What makes them so appealing to smaller businesses is that they are somewhat of a “one-stop” solution, specializes in not just digital and social media marketing, but also branding, social media management as well as website design.

During a recent press event, Juliana Castellar, CEO of “One Two Social” was quoted as saying, “Our mission at One Two Social is to empower small businesses that think big and help them to grow efficiently, sustainably, and continuously, powered by the best digital marketing strategies. In a world where the pandemic has forced many businesses into the online space only, it is essential for the survival of the business to know how to navigate the waters of social media marketing.”

She went on to say, “Not only have we opened a new office in Florida, but we are also working on a groundbreaking app that will change the way smaller entrepreneurs do digital advertising and make the world of social media ads affordable and easy for all. At this point we cannot go into too much more detail about this groundbreaking app, but it will definitely change the way businesses place social media ads, for the better. We are expecting to launch our new app in 2022 and will keep you updated.”

To learn more about One Two Social and their digital & social media marketing strategies, visit their official website at https://onetwo.social/

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