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Chelsea Makela and Jewell Farshad are not your typical Hollywood Film Industry Professionals. They have a heart, soul and want to make a powerful impact on society. The powerful duo created a club on clubhouse called “Women Uplifting Women” that has reached millions of users.    

Los Angeles, CA – April 27th, 2021, Chelsea Makela and Jewell Farshad, Hollywood film industry insiders have made headlines this week as they announce the official launch of their new invite-only online-based club “Women Uplifting Women.” Women Uplifting Women is a place where women and female identifying individuals can find a safe space, seek guidance, collaborate, network, and discuss views of all of life’s topics. Even though this club was started by entertainers and filmmakers, it welcomes anyone from all walks of life.

Women Uplifting Women” was founded by Chelsea Makela & Jewell Farshad. Chelsea has years of industry experience and is currently the Head of the Literary Department & Talent Manager for Discover Management in Los Angeles. Jewell Farshad is an Iranian American actress, model, and content creator. Jewell is the title holder of Miss Iran 2017, Ms. Bel Air 2017, and Ms. California USA 2018. Jewell is able to bring invaluable insight and guidance to the table in an effort to help other women, after leaving Iran in 2009 so that she could pursue her dreams of modeling and acting.

During a recent interview, Jewell Farshad was quoted as saying, “Growing up in the draconian state of Iran, I didn’t have the privilege to train and work as a model and actress due to the strict Islamic rules and regulations concerning hijab. Women can get arrested if they are photographed in any advertising capacity. There is practically no acting jobs or professional training for women in Iran.” She went on to say, “I will strive to be the voice of Muslim women around the world and to bring awareness to women of all ages, religions and nationalities, to inspire men and women to stand up for their beliefs and to strive to create a better future for all.” Click here to read Jewell’s full bio.

The audio invite only app that was launched in March 2020 for Apple users has attracted millions of users and thousands of film industry professionals, producers, writers, and actors. Chelsea and Jewell have had top moderators in their club, including some of the most credible women in the film and business including Lisa Lindo, Joy Cook, Patricia Chica, Rebekah Louisa Smith, Susan Dinner and more.

“Women Uplifting Women” meets every Wednesday on Clubhouse at 5:30 pm.

To find out more information or to join the club that everyone is talking about, “Women Uplifting Women”, visit their official website at https://www.jewellfarshad.com/ or go to Clubhouse at https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/m7gZ1Xvz


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