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A beautifully illustrated picture book from the viewpoint of loving children to their mother. The brother and sister ask their mommy if they can tell her a story about why they love her so much and rely on all the things she does for them. They recall many fun days and adventures that their mommy provided for them. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado, May 4, 2021, Fans of Joni McCoy will not be disappointed in her latest release, “I Need You, Mommy”, which is the first in her new “Snuggle Love Series”. Joni is a very prolific Children’s Book Author, who in general has a different outlook on children’s books. She does not believe that every book needs to teach a lesson or cover a topic.

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, times are tough for everybody and that includes children. There are far more expectations on them than when Joni was young. She thinks that children need to escape into books just like adults do. They dive into romance, action, fantasy, and adventure books to escape the day-to-day demands, why shouldn’t children? Many of her Children’s Picture Books are about family life, fantasy, action, and adventure.

I Need You, Mommy” employs stunning illustrations to stimulate the young mind and let it enter a fantasy world, but this is a world of love for mommy. It is a book from a child’s perspective. The bear cubs tell their mommy a story about why they love her so much and why they need her every day. Unconditional love, friendship, respect, companionship, family life and yearning for their mothers’ love in return. The characters are adorable polar bears. The cubs recall family fun that they shared with their mother.

This is not a mother’s day book, it is a book that shows every-day love for a mother. New moms, mothers to be, moms of toddlers, moms of preschoolers, single moms, married moms. Great gifts for Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, New Moms, Birthdays, and any day. It is a great conversation starter about love and family life.

About the Author:

Joni is passionate about writing and illustrating children’s books. Coming up with storylines that children will enjoy, finding comfort in the fact that children around the world fall asleep after listening to a story she wrote. Since retiring from a career in project accounting and from her cupcake store in Colorado Springs, Joni is enjoying all her free time to read and write.

Joni does not only value writing for children. After spending six years in a caregiving role for her parents, one of whom had Alzheimer’s, Joni promotes reading as stimulation for loved ones with Dementia of any kind. Guiding them from their favorite authors to books for young readers, and then ultimately to picture books as the disease progresses. Reading is a great activity to encourage comprehension, while also bringing alive memories of a person’s past.

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