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Automation has become an integral part of every business handling documents and data.  Supplementing the workforce with digital robots increases process speed, accuracy and volume of transactions.  Delegating mundane repetitive work to machines improves company morale, employee engagement and the customer experience.

Charlotte, NC – May 4 2021, RPA Bridge LLC has completed a full deployment of automation bots for Scrap Management Inc, a leader in waste management and scrap plastic recycling. The project has reached a completion milestone with the launch of the 10th automation in an ERP Automation Suite. The entire project took six months to complete and has already delivered a positive ROI.

RPA Bridge LLC is a software consulting company specializing in Business Process Automation using RPA, Robotic Process Automation. This technology has recently matured, enabling the automating of complicated business processes involving large amounts of data and long decision trees. It can simulate the clicks a person makes in any software application and do long computations in an instant. The best part is this work can be done 24/7 at computer speed.

The Process Automation Suite built for Scrap Management Inc focuses on processes that are transactional, impacting cashflow and the customer experience. Digital Robots request missing shipping documents/invoices and emails out receiving reports and invoices. This reduces the number of days between shipment and payment for their customers and for them. Invoices are processed by an Automation with an 80% success rate. The bot extracts relevant data, validates it against what’s in the system and posts the invoice, all without human intervention.

The benefits of the Business Process Automation can deeply impact every organization. Increasing transaction capacity while improving speed and accuracy without the need to add traditional labor.

It also has intangible benefits, like improving employee morale by letting them focus on higher level tasks and providing a better overall customer experience. Much like in manufacturing, having a machine do the work creates a more consistent output at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent interview with the founder of RPA Bridge LLC, Igor Beylin explained that “What we’ve done is integrated digital robots into the labor force to improve how businesses operate while reducing costs and improving the quality of life for its employees.” He further explained that “Machines will never displace good loyal employees who build relationships, think and assist in growing a company.” In today’s employment landscape with a shortage of workers nationwide, business process automation gives companies the ability to continue to grow their customer base and bottom line despite a lack of traditional labor.

Embarking on a journey of digital transformation can be daunting and filled with challenges.  By working with an experienced RPA Partner like RPA Bridge LLC, companies reduce the time it takes to deploy automation in a real business environment

To learn more about how RPA & Business Process Automation can transform your business, visit their official website at https://rpabridge.com/

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