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 Not in modern times has global society been faced with the disruptive fallout from a major pandemic such as the Coronavirus. Educational Systems around the planet have drastically changed, requiring students and teachers to adapt quickly. NexGen Tutoring is finding ways to make education easy and fun despite the changes. 

Deerfield Beach, Florida, May 3, 2021, Due to the Coronavirus, it is estimated that in excess of one billion children are facing the reality of falling behind in their schooling. Never has the need been greater for additional support and tutoring for children. NexGen Tutoring was founded to not only provide that support to children, but also give parents a much needed “mental break” from overseeing their children’s studies.

The custom built NexGen Tutoring Platform combines learning with fun, social experiences, events, and all the tools for students to be successful. NexGen uses college students as tutors to create a better bond and a more social interaction – they can relate to each other, plus it offers college students a great way to earn money. NexGen Tutoring also has certified teachers, college graduates and subject matter experts as part of their tutoring team. The goal is to provide the best tutor for each student.

NexGen Tutoring provides one-to-one individualized learning as well as hosts group events and experiences to help students achieve their maximum potential. They take an online/offline personal approach to learning, using their Intelligent Matching System to find the best tutor for each student. Their proprietary Intelligent Matching algorithm uses information about students and tutors to sort and match personality types, needs, interests, skill levels, and location through artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Intelligent Matching:

  • Personalized approach and pace
  • Creates a positive workspace
  • Improves social and behavioral skills
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Improves attitude towards learning and school
  • Fosters accountability between student and tutor

Parents do not have to feel alone in keeping up with the changes in education that are happening every day. All parents have many responsibilities at work and at home, and they deserve “me-time” and family-time too! It is not easy helping children with their schoolwork. NexGen Tutoring is here to support students, so they are prepared for their future, while also supporting parents in providing balance to their responsibilities. Parents will have the peace of mind knowing that their child is getting the best support to succeed.

Working with a tutor teaches students that a disciplined learning routine is important for long-term academic success. During a recent interview, Mike Epstein, Co-Founder and CEO, made these comments, “NexGen Tutoring is unique by design. We offer a complete solution for helping today’s students with individualized learning while staying connected in a changing world. Our vision is to support teachers and parents by helping students build confidence, manage their schoolwork, set academic goals, foster accountability, and use effective learning strategies to reach their full potential.”

Student testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what one verified student had to say, “Before I started NexGen Tutoring I had a hard time doing homework on my own, especially since we started online learning. My tutor is so nice and patient, and now I can understand my assignments really well and not feel so scared before tests.”

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