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FunFlicks has stepped up to offer their unique and fun outdoor alternatives to indoor graduations. 

Los Angeles, CA – May 6th 2021, FunFlicks™ Outdoor Movies has been the leader in providing outdoor movie theater options since 2007 and have now geared up to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering unique outdoor graduation ceremonies to all schools throughout the country. Since the beginning of the pandemic FunFlicks™ has been in the forefront of providing relief supplies to those in need as well as free movie downloads for those in extended lockdowns. FunFlicks™ also knows the importance of graduation ceremonies and is happy to partner up with schools in an effort to ensure that every student is able to participate in their once in a lifetime graduation ceremonies.

Some of FunFlicks™ unique graduation ceremony ideas include a Live feed or Livestream (yes, with a livestream people can even attend the ceremony online!) to an outdoor inflatable screen or LED screen, outdoor graduation ceremony “Drive-in” style, a diploma drive-thru for a graduation day ceremony, and other unique graduation day ceremonies that will be the talk of the town for years to come. Instead of students talking about their terrible graduation due to COVID-19, schools can completely change the narrative and have their alumni talking about that awesome outdoor drive-in movie style graduation that was the highlight of their year.

As a case study, FunFlicks™ teamed up with Turlock Christian School to provide a huge outdoor screen so that everyone could watch the outdoor graduation, and it was a major success. The company spokesperson for FunFlicks, Matthew Dias, was quoted as saying, “The huge screen was setup next to the stage. Chairs for the graduates were spaced 12 feet apart. This was a full graduation ceremony with speeches. 2 cameras and multiple multimedia presentations from a laptop were displayed on the screen. Guests at the drive-in graduation could see everything as the graduation unfolded.”

He went on to say, “Messages to students, musical performances and music made this an event they will never forget. As each student crossed the stage, horns honked, lights flashed, and families cheered.”

To learn more about FunFlicks™ and their unique and creative outdoor graduation ideas, visit their official website at https://www.funflicks.com/2021/04/23/outdoor-graduation-ceremony-ideas-using-led-screens-and-inflatable-screens/


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