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George Artem’s new book “Mania” is a stimulating collection of poems about struggles with drug addiction, the law, and more. The recent release “Mania” from Newman Springs Publishing author and entrepreneur George Artem is a collection of profound poetry that is inspired by his life experiences. 

Boston, MA – May 11th 2021, Author & Entrepreneur George Artem has made headlines this week as he officially announces the release of his highly anticipated book titled “Mania.” “Mania” is a self-reflection book that was written to inspire the millions of people who currently struggle with addiction, mental health and more. Through poetry, George Artem intends to help people begin the road to recovery.

Born in the Soviet Union in 1987, Artem George Katkoff immigrated to the United States with his immediate family in 1991 during the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. His paternal grandfather, Vladimir Katkoff, and great-grandmother had been living in Seattle since the 1970s, where Vladimir worked as an engineer at Boeing. Artem graduated from the University of Washington with an undergraduate degree in business administration and went on to work in Seattle’s software industry, starting several businesses of his own and later completing a master of science in information systems from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business.

In 2014, Artem was charged with attempted kidnapping in the second degree after showing concern for two young girls playing alone in his hometown park. He was held without arraignment for nearly eight weeks in solitary confinement at the King County Correctional Facility and suffered from a manic episode while he was incarcerated. In this riveting book, Artem details his plight with the law as he tried to fight back against what he believed to be bogus charges as well as the legalities of holding someone with mental health concerns in solitary confinement. After years of litigation, his petition for writ of certiorari was finally denied by the United States Supreme Court in 2020.

Readers who wish to experience this honest and influential work can purchase “Mania” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iBook’s Store, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on Mr. Artem’s most recent site, Dogedealz.com where readers can order signed author copies of the book in limited supply using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. DogeDealz.com is an online marketplace for building parallel economies using the Dogecoin crypto currency.

To learn more about George Artem and his new book “Mania”, visit his official website at https://georgeartem.com/

“Mania” can also be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

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