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“Landthere” is a cultural exchange business that facilitates aspirational remote working opportunities in premier destinations around the world. 

St. Petersburg, Florida, May 10, 2021 – “Landthere” is delighted to announce the launch of its new approach to remote working, allowing professionals to experience cultural exchange, while still progressing in their current role. With comprehensive packages arranging accommodation, workspace and more, “Landthere” provides a unique opportunity to reimagine an efficient approach to work, for both employees and employers.

An ever-shifting working dynamic has forever altered how professionals look at work, with a desire to find the perfect work-life balance being high on the agenda. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced a change to remote working, which has become a semi-permanent solution for many businesses. For those who harness remote working’s potential to incorporate travel seamlessly, they can find that not only does efficiency, employee happiness and retention all increase, but that they also have a unique proposition in hiring the best new talent.

Research and statistics are being released daily on the positive effect that remote working can have if implemented correctly. Flex Jobs reports that “65% report wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% want a hybrid remote work environment” while major businesses such as Amazon, Dell, Twitter, and GE have all adopted remote-friendly work environments. This reinforces a PwC finding that “In a survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that collaboration is here to stay.”

“Landthere” offers Employers the chance to revitalize a remote workforce. With ‘working from home’ becoming permanent, forward-thinking teams are turning a difficult scenario into an exciting opportunity:

  • Dramatically Increase Staff Retention: Keeping their best talent has always been a challenge, yet this is more difficult now than ever before. “Landthere” provides staff opportunities to expand their horizons and grow as a person – all while maximizing efficiency and retaining work coverage.
  • Attract The Best Talent Immediately: It is important to bring in the best talent and doing so will require a more competitive offering. Travel adds glamour to a remuneration package, but a glamour which will certainly become the new-age standard in ensuring employee satisfaction.
  • Provide Aspirational Growth Opportunities: A culture of growth creates the correct conditions for success in a forward-thinking environment.
  • Build Global Networks: If employees are operating around the world, they represent your business there, too. One’s business can be present in cities such as New York and Berlin, providing an international vision for business future.
  • Encourage Diverse Thinking: Businesses need to encourage diverse thinking by employees with a range of experiences. An immersion into a different culture ensures they will bring a fresh outlook to the business through a collective awareness of diversity.
  • Promote a Positive Work-Life Balance: A positive work-life balance is important, but it is vital that employers actively champion it. By offering staff the opportunity for this balance, it highlights how you will go above and beyond for them.

During a recent interview, one of the Co-Founders, Jochen Ostermann, with 15 years-experience in the cultural exchange sector, made these comments, “We aim to provide an authentic cultural exchange experience in handpicked destinations. The concept is that our clients can immerse themselves in another culture, while still being able to focus on their career. Apart from exploring the world, the true value in this is to broaden one’s horizon, both personally and professionally.”

The entire team at “Landthere” are all passionate about the positive effect that cultural exchange and remote working can have on an individual, business, and the wider community. The multi-national team, located globally yet headquartered in Liverpool, represent the new-age outlook to remote working and have decades of combined experience within the cultural exchange industry.

For complete information, visit: https://www.landthere.com/

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