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They therefore ask all those who care about the future of young people, all those who are convinced that changes in society can only be achieved by investing in the education of future generations, and all those who are aware that the children of this morning will be the people who can help to make the world a better place, to support the school with their contribution. 

Origlio, Switzerland, May 16, 2021, The Rudolf Steiner School of Lugano-Origlio is a non-profit association that has been active in the area for almost 44 years. It trains motivated and creative human beings, eager to contribute, with their work, to improve the world.

Waldorf-Steiner schools are thriving all over the world. The training methodology on which they are based places the human being at the center, in its uniqueness and beauty, and prepares future generations by overcoming all boundaries, geographical, cultural, political and religious.

For those not familiar with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, it is the “Art of Educating”, at the base of Steiner’s pedagogy, transmits a living teaching, through experiences that allow students to grow and train both their emotional and cognitive spheres, as well as strengthening manual skills, actively experimenting artistic and craft subjects.

Rudolf Steiner himself said, “Educating the youth means taking care of tomorrow in today.”

The Waldorf pedagogy was developed in 1919 by the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner for the children of the workers of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, and is now widespread in over 80 countries on five continents with about 870 schools and kindergartens, and with hundreds of thousands of students.

Educational institutions the world over have found their funding decimated by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Schools that were self-sufficient now must seek other sources of funding. Crowdfunding is a way for anybody to get involved in a worthy cause and be part of something bigger than themselves.

Now is the time for all those who care about the future of young people, who believe that changes in society can only be achieved by investing in the education of the new generations. That tomorrow, they will contribute to improving the world, to support the school with a contribution in order to realize the dream of so many young hearts who face the world with hope and ambition.

The good news is that the Steiner school of Lugano-Origlio had undertaken in past years the ambitious path of completing the high school cycle of studies, successfully obtaining the necessary criteria for the International Baccalauréat (IB), a prestigious diploma that allows students to enter the international academic world.

Albert Einstein very succinctly described the school’s goal when he said, “The school should have as its goal that young people come out with harmonious personalities, not reduced to specialists. Developing the ability to think and judge independently should always come first.”

Now they urgently need help to keep this goal alive and safeguard the existence of the school and the educational values it represents.

Please visit their GoFundMe page here.

Visit the Steiner School of Lugano-Origlio: https://scuolasteiner-ticino.ch/

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