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“Real Food & Real Products For Real People”. Featuring “Frictionless Shopping” – Customers will be able to walk in, grab what they need, and leave without waiting in line or stopping to scan and pay. Getting access to healthier choices is easy through their fully autonomous shopping experience and robotic delivery. Perfect for the “New Normal”. 

Fayetteville, Georgia, May 20, 2021, The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way Americans live. Shopping became a challenge, after all, it was a place where many people meet and are in close contact both physically and environmentally. Stores and grocery markets scrambled to adjust to the “New Normal”, but it left a lot to be desired. In many cases, it was just too much to ask for a market to feature a healthy shopping experience. It is time for a massive change.

Jamie & Jilea Hemmings founded the “Nourish + Bloom Market”. Their plan was to create a next generation food shopping experience with minimal risk of pathogenic contact. This meant making it quick and easy to get what a shopper needs and exit the market without the traditional contact-intensive risky behavior patterns.

Their first task was to design a contemporary looking market where people would actually enjoy shopping knowing they can buy “Real Food & Real Products For Real People”. Grocers need to meet certain requirements like providing smaller grocery markets, contactless delivery, better product choices, high quality ingredients and more access to local brands to help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

During a recent interview, Jamie & Jilea made these comments, “The future of grocery shopping is exciting. Technology has transformed the way people shop especially after Covid 19. In fact, 87% of consumers prefer to shop in stores with touchless or self-checkout options which create a more frictionless checkout experience.”

They went on to say, “Real food in the simplest sense is being able to turn over a nutritional label and know that it is made with ingredients you can recognize and where the labels are not complex science experiments. No GMO’s, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Ingredients, or Toxic Chemicals will be sold in our markets.”

Jamie and Jilea started off as local vendors with their first venture where they made healthy traditional kid’s meals with a meatless twist by using plant-based meats. As a local brand they quickly learned how difficult it was to sell their products nationwide. Local brands have a difficult time getting opportunities to be shared with the world like the larger brands because of distribution and logistics. A local brands success is based on multiple retail placement. Nourish + Bloom Market will always give a preference to the craft local brands.

Some Unique Features of Nourish + Bloom:

  • Frictionless-Autonomous Shopping: Their frictionless technology will allow customers to enter the market by scanning a QR Code from the Nourish + Bloom app that will connect them to their digital wallet. Customers will be able to walk into Nourish + Bloom markets, grab what they need, and leave without waiting in line or stopping to scan and pay.
  • Robotic Delivery: There are a lot of challenges with current delivery options like late deliveries, hot food being cold, drivers needing directions, or drivers with bad attitudes. With robotic delivery, robots can deliver anything from food to packages. The robot’s belly can interchange between hot and cold temperatures. An added benefit is that the robots are built to interact with people using its neck, facial expressions and sounds which will foster friendliness and trust with the community.
  • The Nourish + Bloom Market will offer uniquely curated products and a wide assortment of premium food and personal care products. They will also offer a fresh, prepared foods menu with the finest ingredients.

To get in touch with us visit: https://www.nourishandbloommarket.com/

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