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Anyone that has put together an event whether large or small, knows the difficulties of sending out invitations and keeping track of their RSVP’s. This new app by REPLIED APP makes organizing events easier and less costly by using text messaging, bringing event invite technology into the 21st century. REPLIED APP is the easiest way to gather RSVPs, period. 

San Francisco, CA – May 21, 2021, REPLIED APP has created quite a buzz in the technology sector as they announce the release of a revolutionary app that could bring an end to the traditional form of inviting and collecting RSVPs manually. REPLIED APP is a feature-rich application that brings organization to the event invitation process and is a breath of fresh air for professional event planners as well as the DIY planner that may be planning their wedding or other event on a budget.

REPLIED APP allows users to create their guest list within the app, and then easily track who has and has not RSVP’d. The app automatically sends out the invitation via text message and then tracks when they RSVP. Texting makes it easier for guests to respond to RSVPs, and event planners to get responses faster. Guests are much more responsive when they can RSVP straight from text message rather than visiting a website or creating an account with another 3rd party.

REPLIED APP shows real-time statistics that will save the user money and time as it provides data that will aid in the process of purchasing items for the event and reduces the possibility of overspending and buying too much. A more accurate tally of RSVPs saves planners time and money.

REPLIED APP has two options for the end-user which is invitation + RSVP, and for people that choose the more traditional route of sending out paper invitations, they can opt for the RSVP function only. Other important features include:

Automatic Meal Counting – Enable automatic meal choice counting and customize 3 meal choices to gather via text message. The meals selected by guests will tally automatically so that the event planner can view them in your RSVP dashboard.

Message All Guests – Event planners can easily send out important text message updates to all guests that have RSVP’d with the click of a button.

Text message invitations and follow-ups, request RSVP updates, limit headcount, text message cancellations are all features included in every package. REPLIED APP package pricing starts as low as $14.99.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for REPLIED APP was quoted as saying, “Our new app makes it much easier for anyone to organize an event and stick to their budget. Additionally, the stress factor goes way down as people can see in real-time who has received the invitation, who has RSVP’d, and it is all done automatically. We created a demo that is available for anyone to try so that they can see how great it is, completely risk free!”

Visit REPLIED APP’s official website to access their free demo or learn more about the revolutionary RSVP app that is taking the event planning industry by storm by going to https://www.replied.app/

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