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Journey Kids is yoga and mindfulness made simple and engaging for pre-K to tweens. Children (and adults) can become restless when they are stuck in the house for too long. Parents love the guided meditations as part of kids’ evening wind down routine. For virtual learning, in class, or at home. 

Columbus, OH – May 25th, 2021, Journey Kids Yoga has made international headlines this week as they officially announce the launch of their groundbreaking subscription-based Yoga website aimed for children aged from 4 years and older.  Journey Kids’ interactive classes that can be held at home or in the classroom consist of a professionally filmed library of videos/mini classes that are perfect yoga classes for kids. Their kid-friendly menu of mini-classes offers positive actions to build emotional resilience, strengthen the body, balance mind & body in an age-appropriate learning platform.

Journey Kids Yoga was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic by Dayna Case and her son Cal Case. Dayna, no stranger to teaching Yoga has been working directly with kids in school settings teaching yoga and movement for over 28 years. As Covid-19 began to take hold of communities and forced the temporary closure of schools and their learning programs, Dayna and Cal took the ambitious step of creating an online environment where children could continue to learn yoga and mindfulness.

During a recent interview, Dayna Case was quoted as saying, “Covid prevented me from going into schools during 2020. Most of the schools I taught at reached out to me desperate for content. At the time, my son and I were utilizing online yoga classes while gyms and studios were closed. We decided to create something similar for children. A yoga and mindfulness service that was directed at kids and could be used at home or in the classroom.”

Journey Kids Yoga currently offers 40 different mini-classes on their website with new classes being released monthly. The classes are divided into four categories: Brain Breaks, Yoga & Movement, Guided Meditations & Storytime Yoga.

Readers can take advantage of a free trial as well as free sample videos that are offered on the Journey Kids Yoga website.

To learn more about Journey Kids Yoga or to take advantage of their free trial offer, visit their official website at https://www.journeykidsyoga.com/

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