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 This intensive training on all things Trucking will cover: Hot Shots, Box Trucks, 18 Wheelers, Freight, Dispatching, Oil & Gas, Fleet Management, DOT Compliance, and more. Come One – Come All To The Kickoff – June 19 and June 20 in Dallas, Texas. 

Dallas, Texas, May 28, 2021. Kierra Henderson is a self-made millionaire in the trucking industry. No silver-spoons, only hard work and overcoming the odds. Kierra was never a quitter and she climbed the ladder of success in the trucking industry which is male dominated. That did not deter her from her goals, and she showed all of the nay sayers what she is made of.

Now she wants to share her success and the knowledge she acquired through her personal experience to show others how to make an excellent living in the trucking industry. This self-made millionaire was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Being the oldest of eight children she was a natural born leader. She learned her sense of business from her father who was a successful businessman and learned how to be a loving and nurturing parent from her mom who was a stay-at-home mom.

The Trucking Guru, who is a single mother of three, prior felon, with no high school diploma, and no GED took the transportation industry by storm. Securing contracts to 45% of the oil and gas industry supplying their transportation needs. She was able to create financial freedom for herself and her family including retiring her parents early by creating a family business that has ensured generational wealth.

Owning her own fleet of trucks, dispatchers, and a brokerage firm. Kiera now provides classes to teach how to become an independent dispatcher, a broker running your own brokerage firm or to help owner operators learn how to secure their own contracts.

She wants to educate people on the many ways to create generational wealth working in the transportation industry. As many are unaware of how getting into this field can change not only their life, but the people they love as well. Now Kierra is enjoying the fruits of her labor by enjoying life, raising her children, growing her empire, and teaching the next generations of bosses.

Join The Tribe: Get access to on demand training and a community of like-minded ambitious individuals that are passionate about logistics and willing to make sure that all questions are answered.

Available Courses Include:

  • Freight Dispatching: Learn everything that you need to know to start and sustain a home- based dispatching business.
  • “Dispatching Hold My Hand Mentorship”: The Trucking Guru has designed a program that will prepare people to launch their Dispatching Business in 30 days or less. They will have access to Weekly Zoom Calls with The Trucking Guru and her successful Mentors, PLUS receive 4 one-on-one scheduled phone calls with a knowledgeable mentor appointed by The Trucking Guru.
  • Fleet Owner Mentorship: By the end of this members will be able to: Understand the concepts of Fleet Management, Understand the importance of Compliance and Fleet Policy. Explore various methods of financing the fleet. Learn how to calculate total fleet costs Including overhead. And Much more …
  • Freight Broker Course Live Training: Individuals who have Mastered Dispatching are encouraged to attend Live Freight Broker Training and stay knowledgeable with the most up to date information within the broker side of the business.

Student Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Tina Brown, a Verified Student, had to say,

“We were able to get training from one of the best in the industry! Thanks for providing us with the blueprint to dispatching and going hard for the tribe we’ve learned so much in such a short time! ”

For complete information, visit: https://www.thetruckingguru.com/

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