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These Children’s Books were written entirely on an Apple iPhone. A unique writing method has yielded 3 utterly unique kid’s adventure series. Beta Reader Reviews by Kids forecast a huge success for “The Chocolate People” Series. 

New York, New York, June 4th, 2021, As one can imagine, there are thousands of Children’s Books and Young Adult’s Books published every year. If children are not intrigued by such books, they languish on the shelves in homes all over the globe. Once in a while, there appears a Children’s Book that has the ability to capture the imagination of kids and young adults. This is what will make a child reluctant to put it down.

Such is the case with a new children’s book series recently launched by Felito Millon. His brilliantly conceived Trilogy is called “The Chocolate People” and enters the literary world with its first 3 volumes: “The Chocolate People” – “The Big Chocolate Factory” & “The Chocolate World”.

During a recent interview, Felix made these comments, “Forget Emojis and LOL’s, I wrote my complete book series using an iPhone. Using the iPhone to write my books was a personal choice for me, as I can take the iPhone wherever I go, a computer that fits in my jeans pocket and gave me the ability to write my novels while I was on the go, or while I travelled to other countries, Including traveling to a remote Island in the Caribbean far from everything and everyone. But that didn’t stop my writing.”

He goes on to say, “I am a first time Indie author and wanted to try a new approach at writing. My background as an independent filmmaker, Screenwriter and Lyricist helped me craft these Children Book Series, to a tone, mood, and pace that no one had ever envision. Once the stories where finalize on the phone, then I would format and copyedit on a laptop.”

Each book is written so that it creates a logical transition to the next book. Readers have commented that once a person reads The Chocolate People series, they will have them thinking for days, and it they will make them question and wonder about their own existence in the universe.

“Words don’t have meaning people do, we used words to communicate messages to others, so it doesn’t really matter whether you use Hieroglyphs, Pen and paper, Typewriter, Computer and now a phone to tell your story, what really matter is that you communicate the story, the way it was written in your heart.”

The Chocolate People Series was written in English and is also available in Spanish. They make an excellent read as Bedtime Stories, as well as an awesome gift idea. 

About The Author:

Felix Pena, also known as Felito Millón, was born with an appetite for success, dangerous with a pen, and an imagination sharper than a blade. He is a God-fearing man of many sciences and taught himself robotics and video editing in middle school. By age 14, he built his first computer without any previous training or guidance. In Junior High, his teachers paused classes to let young Felito tell a wild story, perform music, or even introduce a new robot to the class.

He was born in the Dominican Republic, the land of sugar, coffee, and of course, cacao—the main ingredient in chocolate—and raised in the capital of the world, New York City. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, electricity was scarce and limited to only a few hours. But without electricity, stars shine brighter. Without television, imagination glows.

During the day, he climbed tall trees to admire the horizon around him. At night, he walked with a candle to light his way. Some nights he would go outside to look at the stars. The kids from his neighborhood often gathered around him, so he regaled them with stories of adventure. Now he is an independent filmmaker, performing artist, and published author of the Chocolate People Series. He believes one person can inspire many, but one story can change the world. He wishes his stories would do more than just entertain. He hopes they can expand consciousness and imagination.

For complete information, visit: www.TheChocolatePeople.com

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