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While many self-help books are hundreds of pages long, most of them lack true meaning. During ones’ path to enlightenment, it is often just a few jolting words that can reshape their future and define their journey. Dr. Dixon’s new book of quotes, sayings & beliefs is a breath of fresh air for readers that are looking to find substance, without all of the fluff. 

Wilmington, DE – June 11th 2021, Dr. Bracy C Dixon Jr. has made headlines this week as he announces the release of his highly anticipated book of epiphanies, titled “So Sayeth Wolf”. This new self-help book of sorts is welcomed by those seeking guidance during their path to enlightenment. Unlike other books that detail the struggles of the authors journey, “So Sayeth Wolf” shares riveting quotes, sayings, and epiphanies that the author experienced while on his continuing journey to personal greatness. Once readers have a chance to begin reading the book, they will quickly see that it only takes a few words to completely change their perspective on life or specific issues they may be facing.

Directly after graduating high school, Dr. Bracy decided to enlist in the United States Army. He served faithfully and was honorably discharged after 10 years of service. It was during this time that he had an opportunity to see the world, living in various places to include Europe and Central America. After leaving the Army, he settled in Wilmington, Delaware where he began his career as a firefighter.

While serving as a public safety official he soon realized education was the key to a successful career and future.  Hence, he returned to school and acquired several degrees including a Masters in Human Services from Springfield College and a Doctorate (PhD) in business from Capella University. It was this journey that afforded him the opportunity to amass a great deal of life learning experiences as well as a massive amount of formal training and education in an array of disciplines.  Currently Dr. Bracy is focused on leadership research, theory, and practice, while working as a college professor and Magistrate in the Justice of the Peace Court.

During a recent press event, Dr. Bracy was quoted as saying, “I wrote this book because I wanted to share profound epiphanies that I felt were helpful on my continuing path to enlightenment. The reader will take away interesting perspectives and worldviews that will help broaden the mind. Sometimes it only takes a few inspiring words to shift perspectives and open the mind to achieving true greatness.”

An excerpt from “So Sayeth Wolf”:

“Try to make a habit of breaking habits.”

“There is but one thing we truly can control. That is how we allow external factors to affect us. To understand this is priceless. To master this skill is enlightenment.”

To learn more about Dr. Bracy’s highly anticipated book of profound epiphanies or to purchase a copy, click here or follow https://www.amazon.com/So-Sayeth-Wolf-Sayings-Beliefs/dp/B08Q9W9JSH/

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